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Friday, March 22, 2013

David Bollier — Viewing Education as a Commons

Enclosures bring with them a pathology that most markets entail, however. Their success often stems from "externalizing" as many costs as they can onto the community, students or future generations, so that the business enterprise can become more "efficient" and "productive." This is how markets routinely function -- by generating externalities. It is why industry does not take adequate account of the long-term health of nature.
Enclosures of public schools are doing the same thing. They exclude those students who are more difficult or costly to teach -- the low achievers, those with learning disabilities, and those who may not fit in. They regard students (or their parents) as "consumers," not as co-producers and collaborators in the educational process. Learning that cannot be measured in clear metrics (and therefore which cannot be a basis for market competition) are regard as secondary or inconsequential. The shared commitments of a community to each other, or the need for inclusiveness and social equity, are not seen as important because, as in any market, we are all "individuals." These are just a few reasons why the market paradigm is inappropriate as a regime for understanding the challenges of education and managing public schools.
David Bollier
Viewing Education as a Commons

The "tragedy of the commons" now being applied to public education with the claim that private enterprise can do it more efficiently and effectively, but this is only the case due to generating externalities that are not computed in determining true cost and true price.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Michel Bauwens — Towards a Global Commons of Truth

Privately funded new organization are funded by advertisers and influenced by them. Publicly funded news organizations are government controlled and subject to political pressure. News organizations funded by the public report to the public without influence.

P2P Foundation
Towards a Global Commons of Truth
Michel Bauwens