Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sign up for the Moslereconomics Deficit Terrorist counterinsurgency!

Warren Mosler is forming a "Deficit Terrorist Counterinsurgency" team to fight the Deficit Terrorists. Please go to his blog and sign up. Prizes will be awarded to the best counterinsurgency fighters, which will include and all expense paid trip to St. Croix in the Virgin Islands in November.

Sign up here: http://moslereconomics.com/2010/07/20/we-need-you/


googleheim said...

I am listening to Bizradio now and they are now pushing that Austrian school of Economics ( & Bizradio ) is all over in terms of coverage and notification of the present deflation as if they predicated the deflation.

However, in the past two years all I heard is inflation inflation inflation.

How can they do their 180 spin on this ?

mike norman said...

Bizradio's still on the air?

googleheim said...

50% bloomberg / 40% ray lucia / 5% frischberg / 5% bill's gang

MortgageAngel said...

What radio? Biz who? BizBuz? ;-D Just kiddin around. hahaha

googleheim said...

I forgot to add : 110% libertarian immigrant nazi assinine austrian rubbish

Matt Franko said...


The German's have got to get this thing
out of their Country. They havent been the same ever since they brought it in.

Again they are causing hate and discontent in Europe thru their export policy for them and austerity for everybody else.

Austerity has indeed started over there and now watch for civil unrest to increase over there and our current account deficit to start creeping back up again (which will put more US citizens out of work).


googleheim said...

Hi Matt

You are right about the relationship between export austerity and making it the game rule.

The Germans know they can do it, so they force it upon all others who lost sovereignty under the Euro.

If the Italians really do remember WWII, then they will be the first to the leave the Euro which would really be synonmous with having left the Axis in WWII.

Further it would be ironic. They would find they were screwed twice by promise of such false liberty.