Friday, February 1, 2013

Adam Serwer — GOP to Filibuster Obama's Consumer Watchdog Pick

A little more than a week after Senate Democrats decided not to weaken the filibuster, Republicans are vowing to filibuster President Barack Obama's nominee to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau unless its powers are reduced, Reuters reports.
Mother Jones
GOP to Filibuster Obama's Consumer Watchdog Pick
Adam Serwer


Dan Kervick said...

I hate to put in this way, but Obama should just say "Make my day" to the GOP on this one. If they want to go to the matt to argue that banksters and credit card companies and mortgage originators need more protection from regulators, Obama should just laugh in their faces. This is a case where a party's obeisance to its lobbyists and financial backers will lead them into a suicide mission.

beowulf said...

The trouble is that completely out of left field the DC Circuit just severely limited the President's recess appointments power (it will probably be overturned but the wheels of justice grind slowly and all that).

Frankly, Harry Reid using (or at least threatening) the nuclear option may be the only way Obama is going to be able to staff his govt.

selise said...

i would LOVE to see an actual filibuster (as opposed to the continued abuse of cloture motions).