Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ongoing Feud Between the FiatFields and Decoys

commentary by Roger Erickson

Hidden Agenda behind America’s War on Africa: Containing China by “Fighting Al-Qaeda”

Smart people have been lamenting this for a decade.

Policy dimwits with limited imagination have been pushing it for 2 decades!

It's also the only barely sane reason given for invading Afghanistan (or Iraq, or any other theater in the Great Game).

We're in a battle between OUR merchant-class and THEIR merchant-class, waged by both using their respective pawns/serfs/lower-classes ... whatever. They're the aristocracy, we're the stock.

How many aristacrooks does it take to screw the 99%?

About 1%!

This is an age old feud, between the FiatFields and Decoys. The FiatFields are brilliant at selecting those 1% optimal for solving every task that crops up. Those Decoys, paradoxically, always try to stay in power long after their moment of adaptive utility is up. In culture, Darwin jokingly called it classic, phrenotypic obstinence of swelled heads. :(

If not adequately and promptly tuned out, the constant 1% cultural pain quickly spreads to the neck, and then to the ass.

If only we could pivot to our own public-health management - cultural and economic - we wouldn't be sitting on our obese asses using drones to bomb obsolete static assets! If we invested in our own, dynamic assets, we'd leave the statists in our dynamic dust.

Our real question is how to finally exit this ari-stock-crazy market. Back to peer-to-peer, open source barter with infinite quantities of on-demand fiat? Why should we even need Amazon? We ARE the cloud, if we only allow ourselves to connect.

If fiat = distributed liquidity, then the only costs of fiat are constraints on the quality of distributed decision-making? All we need is earlier, and more, practice at distributing our own cultural agility?

Why not instantly fuse our public Highway and Internet and Telecom and Education services into one agency, task it with ramping up quality of all services 100x/year, and guaranteeing full, free access for all citizens? Then challenge all citizens to craft policy that uses public taxes and incentives to select for the volume-x-quality of emerging dynamic value, not depreciating static value.

We need a DCO, not DHS. (Dept. of Cultural Options)

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