Friday, February 1, 2013

Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability


Dan Kervick said...

Way to go, Mike!

Yes...fight on!

Dan Kervick said...

Lack of will is right!

I keep trying to tell people that growth is a choice, the prosperity of all is a choice. We're not failing because the uncontrollable gods of the economy haven't blessed us. We're failing because we haven't made the choice to to put our people and resources to work and prosper, and because we haven't made the choice to shove aside the people who have locked down unused resources and are standing in the way of progress, and take charge of our future.

SchittReport said...


in any case the key is not to convince some internet or real life peasants - why is everyone targeting this audience? - the key is to convince those with the authority, power and resources to change the monetary system - and in that regard, you not only need a well structured and concise presentation (PP, visual or otherwise) - you need to outline the economic impact of the changes and in particular, with respect to the key decision makers and stakeholders.

why would the decision makers in the govt, at the fed, banks et al. have any desire for change if you can't outline what's in it for everyone after MMT policies are implemented?

we haven't noticed anyone who has thought this part through thoroughly - we'd be happy if someone can point to any existing literature, presentations etc.

otherwise, that's our take on what is required for MMT to be successful.

SchittReport said...

thanks mike. the post above was our original response to the "yves... critiques mmt movie" thread

glad to know that people are giving this issue due thought

frlbane said...

Don't worry. The banking cartel will ALWAYS cause trouble till it is abolished so it is its own worse enemy.

“The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is The People vs. The Banks.” - Lord Acton, Historian, 1834 - 1902 from

bubbleRefuge said...

We have to change the media's narrative first, then the public, then the politicians. Politicians do what is generally popular. We need some kind of platform to marshal the mmt troops to action. Something that could get people to call or write in to media programs asking for accurate coverage.

First, the progressive outlets need to be MMT'zed. For example, NPR. There are far to many neoliberal meme's allowed to go unchecked on NPR. Its agonizing.

y said...

ok, I'll try my best.

SchittReport said...


the media may be a tool for dissemination of information & marketing of the concept to the masses but that's about it. they have limited or negligible impact on policy decision making. this is 1 point on where we disagree with tom - occupy has been around for 2 years and has made a lot of noise in the media - yet it has had close to 0 impact on policy decision making - there might be some lip service if things go south and turn really ugly but that's about it

the reality is, system change is not going to occur just because there are a bunch of "peasants" grumbling about the existing monetary system. change to the monetary system has to be driven from the top, by the gov't, fed and the key stakeholders e.g. banks have to move in tandem

the only credible way to do that is to convince them with a "business case"

as an addendum to the above, it might be worthwhile to add that MMT is probably not being "marketed" in an effective way

people are (mistakenly) looking at MMT as an ideology or economic school of thought. we believe that this is an ineffective way to communicate MMT. people should be looking at MMT as an analytical framework & set of tools which are employed to formulate effective policy solutions

this is the difference between $25k research funding for an academic project and $25m for a strategic review and transformation from mck, bcg, bain etc.

people at the top will pay the US$25m if they think the company and themselves will come out smelling like roses after the review & transformation process. if they are just looking for academic ideas, they will send their research manager & his lackeys out and they will pay US$25k or US$25 for some crummy research paper

DaRkJaWs said...

"Size of the fight in the dog that counts" amen brother, amen.

timvasser said...

Loved the video Mike! It reminded me of the days when the football coach would try to spur us on as we came closer to defeating the 'top' team. The only difference is that rather than chasing a ball, your message is about standing behind the truth, something a lot more meaningful! :) Keep it up Mike and all the other MMTers! :)