Thursday, June 13, 2013

Return on Coordination - Everyone Thinks It's THEIR Novel Method

Commentary by Roger Erickson

" ... the vast majority of the causes of variation came from the system itself, not the people working in it" ... ya think?

That concept was formally enunciated by Walter Shewhart in 1924, fully developed by W.E. Deming from 1927-1993 and ... long before that ... fully worked out as "evolution," say, about 3.5 billion years ago (at least on planet earth). It's also a Zen and standard tribal cultural principle - although typically stated in other words.

Do we need a US-based journal so that we too may discuss this reality to death - rather than demonstrate it to ourselves - through practiced actions?

Or, isn't that simply what a mobile, connected, adequately funded Middle Class does - and used to do here in the states?

We simply need a more vibrant, robust, ACTIVE middle class? Again?

One free to explore available options, rather than one whose options are constrained?

Adequately distributed feedback - e.g., "grapevine" discussion - constitutes statistical process control? Aka, OpenSource process control? Didn't we use to call that Democracy? Why are we re-learning things our grandparents and ancestors considered givens?

Why isn't this obvious to everyone?

Don't we ADEQUATELY teach (and practice) civics and biology 101 in K-12 classes anymore? What passes for Congress - and thereby an electorate - these days argues that we're failing to educate ourselves to even minimum standards.

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