Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jonathan Larson — The latest scummy bankster behavior

The World Economic Forum is being held right now in Davos Switzerland. This gathering of the über Predators is always good for a few "let them eat cake" quotes and this time is no exception. A guy named Ermotti thinks life is hard enough without folks picking on the moneychangers. Poor bastard doesn't quite understand why folks don't just LOVE the thieving classes.

Watching these scum start to squirm is satisfying only because we are deprived of seeing them marched off to prisons. Until we see the return to honest banking, all the other big problems—including climate change—cannot and will not be solved.
Real Economics
The latest scummy bankster behavior
Jonathan Larson

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googleheim said...

Snowden's intel did not expose the banks. It is a possible republican chicanery to make Obama look bad or he is a Euro spy?