Saturday, February 1, 2014

Charlton Stanley — Edward Snowden speaks: US blackout of interview

Last Sunday, former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden was interviewed for the German television network ARD. The interview was big news in Germany and much of the world in both print and broadcast media. However, the interview appears to have been blocked intentionally by US government authorities. In fact, the media in the US appears to have gone to ‘radio silence’ about it. It has been posted on YouTube several times, but is taken down almost immediately. The video site Vimeo has it embedded, but as I write this, Vimeo is under a DDoS attack. LiveLeak also has it, and that video is embedded in this report by Jay Syrmopoulos for Ben Swann’s news page.
Jonathan Turley
Edward Snowden speaks: US blackout of interview
Charlton Stanley, PhD, ABPP

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Bizarre. This is what one would expect of a fascist regime. Oh, wait.


googleheim said...

Everyone should have known all of this if they had finished middle school. If everyone would have finished middle school, by the way, we would have had a better website that functioned.

I can only ask questions :

Is Snowden a rascist opportunist just kicking Obama about something that started with J Edgar Hoover, only with Windows updates ?

Does Snowden work for the Germans and the frankfurt banks, note they are not mentioned ?

Should we expect another purge of Russian 2 bit soft agents out of the USA?

Cannot Obama spin this to his favor by showing that the NSA is too big to fail?

Why is going on so close to Sochi time proximity ?

Ukraine ?

Are any republicans using this against Obama ?

Or is it a left/right collective silence ?

Whose smokescreen is this ?

The Rombach Report said...

Edward Snowden appears to me to be a courageous figure not unlike the solitary man in the Tiananmen Square protests in the Spring of 1989 who stood in front of a column of tanks to stop them from moving forward.