Saturday, May 21, 2016

Alexander Mercouris — Poroshenko Finally Admits Ukraine’s Military Defeat

Though it has received almost no international attention, Ukraine’s President Poroshenko finally admitted on Friday 21st May 2016 a truth many Ukrainians still cannot face: Ukraine cannot regain control of the territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics by military means.
Poroshenko’s admission was made at a meeting of Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council – in effect to Ukraine’s military leadership. That means that what Poroshenko said was not a slip or a pose but a genuine admission made to the commanders of the Ukrainian military who have been fighting its war.
This admission comes two years after Ukraine launched its so-called “Anti-Terrorist Operation” to crush opposition in the Donbass.

It also comes just short of two years after Ukraine launched a military offensive to regain the Donbass on 30th June 2014.…
No mystery there. Russia has said that it would not allow Donbass to be defeated militarily and the the only solution is fulfilling the Minsk Agreement, which Ukraine signed on to but has been resisting since.

The problem now is that the Western Ukrainian neo-Nazis have promised a revolution to replace the sitting government unless the war is prosecuted and won.

They don't have much of chance though without the backing of the US, and that is highly unlikely. Ukraine is becoming a basket case and the US now wants this to be over.

The Duran
Poroshenko Finally Admits Ukraine’s Military Defeat
Alexander Mercouris

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MRW said...

Friday 21st May 2016?

Bob said...

Better to have the Russians bail them out. They'll pay on the propaganda front too, if they send their army to Kiev.

JC said...

Ukraine cannot regain control of the territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk "People’s Republics" by military means. So what? Does it surprise anyone that Ukraine accepts that it cannot defeat Russia militarily?

However Russia has been unable to conquer Ukraine.

This is a stalemate, not a Ukrainian defeat - which is a very good outcome for relatively tiny Ukraine.

This article is written by a known paid agent of Putin's propaganda machine. He is no more reliable than Lord Haw-Haw (AKA William Joyce).

Tom Hickey said...

@ JC

The insurgent forces never tried to advance beyond Donbass, although they recently said that if the UAF attack them again, that's off. They will march to Kiev and try Poroshenko for war crimes since no one else is willing to do so.

What would happen if Russia wanted to really get involved with its regular forces against the UAF?

If it comes to war with Russia, does Ukraine stand a chance?