Friday, May 20, 2016

Bryan McManus — NATO finalises military build-up to counter Russia

Do you want to know the real reason (hidden agenda) behind the NATO buildup to "counter Russian aggression"?

First, one must understand the buildup is only for show. Russia could take the entire Baltics and Ukraine in a very short time and be seriously threatening the rest of central Europe before NATO could mobilize a sufficient force. See The Saker, Debunking popular clichés about modern warfare.

What is really going on then, or NATO leaders morons.

No, they are not morons.

What is really going on is that the buildup allowed the US to preposition the land based Aegis ABM system close enough to Russia's border to neutralize Russia's nuclear deterrent against the continental US.

The land and sea based Aegis system is now largely in place. Aegis is only designed to counter short and intermediate range missiles. But placed close enough to Russia's intercontinental ballistic launch sites it could attack these missile in the vulnerable booster phase.

Russia regards this strategically as the first step in a preemptive military strike on Russia, which is the reasons for the extremely sharp reaction.

The US saying that the Aegis system was being position against a possible Iranian missile attack on Europe simply served to demonstration how disingenuous NATO leaders are.

This is important because transparency is vital in nuclear matters, and surprise, usually based on deception, is a key strategic and tactical ploy.

The Russia general staff is interpreting the US escalation this way.

Russia is now mobilizing its defenses and speeding up military develop as much as possible. China is also taking notes.

War clouds are gathering.

If this is not the hidden agenda, then the US and NATO leaders really are morons with the signals they are sending.

NATO finalises military build-up to counter Russia
Bryan McManus

See also
The chairman of the Russian Constitutional Court has said that Barack Obama’s statements about American exceptionalism were very similar to propaganda used by Nazi Germany and equally dangerous to world peace.
“The idea of specialness, exceptionality and unique rights of the American state and American people has been used in US internal political rhetoric for quite a while, but in the recent years it is being actively and persistently offered in US foreign policy documents and public speeches on international politics delivered by US officials,” Judge Valery Zorkin said at the St Petersburg international legal forum on Thursday.

“Any unbiased and educated person would see that this statement by Obama is an almost exact copy of leading politicians and propaganda specialists of the Third Reich, including Adolph Hitler… In essence, Obama is using the exact same thing that Nazi bosses said about the German exceptionalism when they started the world war,” he added…
"Hitler" has an entirely different meaning in Russia than in the West. Hitler is remembered not so much for his other excesses but for attacking Russia, which cost tens of millions of Russian lives. By way of contrast, Hitler did not affect America other than through the military deaths and wounded in numbers that pale against Russian losses.

‘Obama’s US exceptionalism statements rival Hitler quotes’ – top Russian judge


Bob said...

If they believe they can win a nuclear war they are morons. If their objective is to restart the Cold War, they have been successful. Meanwhile, the Russians show no indication that they believe they can win a nuclear war. Their actions are consistent with the doctrine of mutually assured destruction.

jrbarch said...

So, where are we up to in summary (humanity and planet earth)?

Obviously, there are people who love war, and would very much like to command all of the world’s resources and all of the world’s people (good luck with the teenagers gentlemen!). These commanders are not the greatest thinkers or humanitarians on the planet. We should tell them and let everyone else know too. We evolved through cooperation.

Then, after consuming all of the oil and gas adding to the current pollution, and depleting mother earth of timber, we will all be huddled over plastic fires, hungry. Meanwhile we are quivering, afraid the world will run out of $money; and we get smoked anytime soon, the way things are going. So, who is responsible?

Well, actually, it is us – humanity I mean. It’s not the squirrels.

Obviously, there are people who love peace, love life and being alive, and would gladly share the world’s resources to help provide an independent livelihood to all of humanity. You ask ‘can I help’? And if they say ’yes’ then you ask ‘what do you need’? Preserving their human dignity and allowing ownership of their effort, culture and prosperity. The basis of that is respect. Respect for another human being (which is only possible when you find something inside of yourself worth respecting).

And the notion that the universe, our milky way and the solar system, didn’t evolve for billions of years to produce schmucks as the crown of earthly creation.

The strongest factor in human health is the Will. The strongest healing power is love and care. The strongest guiding light is an active inclusive intelligence. The strongest coordinating power is the human heart – the sensitive beating beautiful soul of humanity. It’s something you have to feel. The Greeks are down but still dancing.

”If you want to be strong, be kind. If you want to be rich, be generous. If you want to be wise, be simple”. [Prem Rawat]

So, its schmucks v.people who love life inclusively; always has been. I am betting on the human being because in them there is substance. Within the intelligentsia there are plenty who are inclusive and their ideas in an age geared up for communication can be passed to the masses. But I hope their voice is heard sooner rather than later. The bush telegraph is full of fear (MAD) rather than hope. And even in 99% of the schmucks, there is a little light left on.

Bob said...

I blame the squirrels.

Here is someone whose pilot light did not go out:

Simsalablunder said...

"He felt that his civilian training helped him make the right decision. His colleagues were all professional soldiers with purely military training and, following instructions, would have reported a missile strike if they had been on his shift."

Saving the world was in 2004 worth $1000.

Matt Franko said...

"Aegis is only designed to counter short and intermediate range missiles."

This has been changing Tom... remember the SM3 was used to shoot down that decaying toxic powered satellite back in '08 and they are up to SM6 now...

Bob said...
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Bob said...

Can Aegis stop SLBMs ?

Kristjan said...

Not just Hitler Tom. For Russians they are the WW2 heros. Russia and Nazi Germany were allies first. With secret protocols of Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact they reached an agreement who gets what piece of Europe. Poland was attacked by Soviets and Nazies at the same time. Of course WW2 hero image has been given to Russians since they were born and they never admit that they were the ones who started WW2 with Hitler. Because that Stalin era means so much for Russians. Because of Soviet Union they had space programs etc, their military might challenged even Americans, before that they had nothing. That is why the truth for Russians is hard to swallow, they don't understand that the Baltics really don't like Russia. I can understand them though, how come the Baltics don't like us when we liberated them from Nazies?
At the same time my grandfather age people were talking about the Nazies versus the Soviets. The Soviets were much worse. The people in Baltics were considered Nordic by the Nazies and there weren't many Jews either, so Nazies treated them much better than the Soviets treated them. Soviets were considered people without culture, wild killers. They started deportations, private property was confiscated etc. People were afraid of them and this has to do a lot with the current hostility towards Russians in Baltic states. Add to this that Russia still doesn't admit the occupation of them. Russia's story is that Baltic states wanted to join the Soviet Union and Russian people have suffered the deportations and communist crimes themselves.

Matt Franko said...

Bob its Iran not Russia thats why these systems are going in SE Europe.... it all is going to go back to Iran eventually they started all of this shit...

Tom Hickey said...

If the US were actually concerned primarily with Iran's ICBM capability, then the Aegis system would be ringing Iran's borders in Turkey, KSA, Qatar, Israel, and the Aegis equipped ships would be off the Iranian coast, not just off the Russian coast on the Black Sea.

The US narrative comes across as standard deception-surprise and beggars belief. No military strategist would fall for it and the US-NATO strategists know that, since the Russian have been warning about this for years and the US and NATO have held off.

Now the US and NATO see an opportunity to do as part of contain Russia strategy not to dupe the Russians but rather the Western public, since the inevitable result will be the targeting of Western countries with Russian nuclear weapons, including continental US. The Russian have said that the US will not back off unless they are convinced that the tradeoff for Moscow is Chicago.

Tom Hickey said...

Can Aegis stop SLBMs ?

No, but Russia has ten nuclear ballistic subs and the US has 41, through to be of superior capability and capable of neutralizing the Russian nuclear sea threat to continental US.

The US knows that Europe is gone in a nuclear war. The objective is to protect the North American "island."

Bob said...

They would have to know where those ten Russian subs are and be able to destroy them or the missiles. North America will be gone, and the rest of civilization will follow as radioactive fallout and crop failure take their toll.

Tom Hickey said...

They would have to know where those ten Russian subs are and be able to destroy them or the missiles.

That's what US subs do. The US invests a lot in keeping tabs on Russian subs and Russia is constantly upgrading to prevent that. This is the undersea game.

Bob said...

You mean that's what they try to do.

Tom Hickey said...

Right. No one can know until.…

Bob said...

The question I'm trying to get at is whether SLBMs are a deterrent. If the US is confident it can neutralize them... that's a problem.

Tom Hickey said...

That's a secret.

jrbarch said...

The squirrels protest their innocence Bob – they just want to eat, plant nuts, to grow more trees and squirrels. A politician’s breakfast: http//

I don’t think there is a more insane doctrine on the face of this earth than M.A.D.

‘I want everything you have’
‘No, you can’t have it’
‘Ok – I’m sticking this huge revolver up your nose’
‘Ok – I’m sticking this huge revolver up your nose’
‘I’m adding 10,000 ICBM’s’
‘I’ll see yours and up you 50,000’

And the journalists who report on additional ICBM’s as though this idiocy actually matters. The only thing that matters is MAD and the fact that the revolvers they’ve got stuck in each other’s faces are nukes, capable of taking us all and a lot of the biosphere out. And from the reports above, managed by good luck holding out over human failing. These people need therapy. To learn how to talk to each other. To learn how to be responsible. To learn the value of a human life. To learn how the wind and the sun reduces the pyramids back into sand, slowly but surely; but the human consciousness holds our only treasure.

Bob said...

Squirrels have a saying: Accidents happen. But accidents can be thwarted, through attentiveness or blind luck.

M.A.D. doctrine keeps us alive. The squirrels are aware of this and work to undermine it. They whisper sweet nuthings into our leader's ears. Warnings by scientists that the partial use of the nuclear arsenal would be enough to end civilization are an obstacle. Squirrels scoff at obstacles. Over millions of years of evolution squirrels have implanted into the human mind the notion that obstacles must be overcome. That facts must be ignored. That secrets must be kept.

These people who need therapy need to lose their power. We need to learn how to manage that power ourselves.

jrbarch said...

You will probably think I have been eating coconuts Bob:

‘Accidents’ are a momentary lapse in consciousness.

M.A.D. is a result of conditioning the populations to live in fear and be obedient; and as some sort of insane leverage, while the bulls jostle for dominance over the herd. ‘Running out of $money’ (for the people) and using it as a weapon is a part of that. The fear, obedience, leverage, secrecy, dominance etc. are not for me essentially, obstacles to be overcome – they are more an absence in human nature, of a presence. Backed up of course by real guns. I am not sure how to explain this properly. Bring even one little candle into a dark room and the darkness is no longer there. You cannot shovel darkness out of the room, or fight your own psychology. It is the manipulation of human psychology that permits the bulls their day in the sun.

Human beings can create thought-forms that exert a powerful influence over everyone. We just need the right ones. For peace.

Breath keeps human beings alive. The bulls exert force and hypnotism, not power. Power, love and an inclusive active intelligence are the province of the human heart. In the human heart there is a presence, an intelligence, which makes sense of Peace. This is who we are.

If you asked the sun, it would say – ‘what darkness’?