Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Buchanan: Who promoted Private Ryan?

Irish brawl; Pat takes a club to Ryan and throws in some interesting GOP history.

Who made Ryan keeper of the keys of true Republicanism? 
Trump “inherits something … that’s very special to a lot of us,” said Ryan, “the party of Lincoln and Reagan and Jack Kemp.” 
But Trump did not “inherit” anything. He won the nomination of the Republican Party in an epic battle in the most wide-open race ever, in which Trump generated the largest turnout and greatest vote totals in the history of Republican primaries. 
What is Ryan up to? He is pandering to the Trump-hating Beltway media and claiming the leadership of a Republican establishment routed and repudiated in the primaries, 
The hubris here astonishes. A Republican establishment that has been beaten as badly as Carthage in the Third Punic War is now making demands on Scipio Africanus and the victorious Romans. This is difficult to absorb. 
Someone should instruct Paul Ryan that losers do not make demands. They make requests. They make pleas. 
Trump cannot allow the establishment to claw back in the cloakrooms of Capitol Hill what he won on a political battlefield. He cannot allow a discredited establishment to dictate the issues he may run on. That would be a betrayal of the troops who brought Trump victory after victory in the primaries. 
To longtime students of politics, there is rarely anything new under the sun. And there is precedent for the shakedown Ryan and his Beltway collaborators are trying to do to Trump. Paul Ryan is the Nelson Rockefeller of his generation. 
In 1960, Gov. Rockefeller refused to challenge Vice President Nixon in the primaries. When Nixon went to Rockefeller’s New York apartment to persuade him to join the ticket, Rocky refused, but demanded concessions in the platform, to which Nixon acceded. 
The Chicago convention, a Nixon convention, believed itself betrayed by the “Pact of Fifth Avenue.” 
Only the appearance of Sen. Barry Goldwater at the podium to tell conservatives to “grow up. We can take this party back,” halted a suicidal drive to take the nomination away from Nixon.


MRW said...

Read the whole thing. Buchanan at his most delicious.

Bob said...

This is one Private Ryan we cannot save.