Tuesday, May 24, 2016

David F. Ruccio — Vampires and capitalism

On the vampire motif in political economy.
Vampires are also, as it turns out, familiar as a critical trope within economics.
Terrell Carver (in Postmodern Marx) notes that Marx used the vampire motif three times in Capital—in the chapter on the working day
Matt Taibbi applied it to Goldman, and now the pope is using the term, "bloodsuckers."

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Vampires and capitalism
David F. Ruccio | Professor of Economics, University of Notre Dame


Matt Franko said...

Glad to see the Pope right on board with these people:


You want to be with those people too?????

Tom Hickey said...

On some issues, Trump and Sanders are interchangeable, but that doesn't imply that they are the same in all respects.

That's why it is a laugh to think that Bernie would run as Trump's VP or that Trump would choose him. They are close on some issues and miles apart on others.