Friday, May 6, 2016

Fox — Trump To Name Supreme Court Nominees By July

In an interview with Fox News, Trump said would consider “wonderful, conservative, good, solid, brilliant judges in the form of” the late Justice Antonin Scalia. “I’m going to actually lay them out. I’m going to discuss people ... I think before the convention. I want to put 10, 12, 15 names of the type of people that we’d like,” he said.
“From that list, I would choose.”
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Trump To Name Supreme Court Nominees By July
Tim Ahmann and Mohammad Zargham; Editing by Eric Walsh
In an apparent effort to placate conservatives back before he locked down the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, Donald Trump said he would release a list of 5-10 potential Supreme Court within the next week. That was 51 days ago.

In an interview with Fox News Thursday evening, Trump pushed out this deadline even further. After host Bret Baier asked if Trump would release his list before the Republican National Convention in July, the real estate mogul offered a noncommittal response. He now says that “I think” the list will be released “before the convention.”

It’s a fairly minor flip-flop, but it fits a pattern that emerged almost immediately after Trump appeared to clinch his party’s nomination Tuesday evening. On his first full day as the presumptive Republican nominee, Trump reversed his position on the minimum wage and said that he is “not necessarily a huge fan” of his own tax plan.…
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Trump Is Flip-Flopping On His Potential SCOTUS Nominee, Too
Ian Millhiser

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