Sunday, May 15, 2016

Janet Alton — Ben Carson Lets Drop That Sarah Palin Is on Trump's VP Short List

The Donald's Veep short list includes the following names: John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie and Sarah Palin.
“Those are all people on our list,” Dr. Carson, who is on Trump vice-presidential search committee, told a Washington Post reporter on Sunday morning.
He was given ample opportunity to retract that last name. He didn't. He and his wife Candy also assured the reporter that he had taken himself off the list, despite reports of a new poll indicating that he would be a popular choice.
The short list makes good political sense. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz mentioned owing to the Latin vote. John Kasich and Chris Christie for the GOP establishment. Sarah Palin for the Tea Party vote. Cruz and Palin also for the religious right.

The problem with all of them though is that they are losers, and Trump likes to identify with winners. Palin was already on a losing ticket with McCain, and the rest on the list just lost to Trump in the primaries. Carson, too, for that matter.

Ben Carson Lets Drop That Sarah Palin Is on Trump's VP Short List
Janet Alton


Raw Story
Ben Carson accidentally reveals Sarah Palin is on Trump’s short list for vice president
David Edwards


Ryan Harris said...

Sanders should be on the list. Even if he wouldn't take it, he should be there for the messaging value.

Malmo's Ghost said...

He won't put anyone at VP who would lead the moonbats and neocons to impeach him.

lastgreek said...

When was the last time a VP choice helped a presidential candidate gain electoral votes?

Malmo's Ghost said...


VP choices can hurt though. Sargent Shiver comes to mind.

Malmo's Ghost said...

..Palin goes without saying.

lastgreek said...

Indeed, MG. McCain's pick for example.

lastgreek said...

You beat me to it by less than a minute ;)

Seve141 said...

Nothing like picking a proven winner .....

lastgreek said...

Christie on Trump's VP list? I thought he had promised him the commissioner's job in the FOOD and Drug Administration.

"Nothing like picking a proven winner...."

Well that's just Trump flip-flopping again.

Malmo's Ghost said...

Trump is hyper alpha. Will likely pick a woman. Strong but not stronger than him.

Kaivey said...

It looks like he is covering all angles, keeping his options open. Like the way be sounds like a liberal one moment, and then a conservative the next. He may be a liberal conservative at heart. Lax on morality, high on conservative economics. Like the way that Mafia bosses and porn barons are.

Porn barons tend not to care about unions, the environment, the whales, the trees, greenhouse gases, etc, and Mafia bosses certainly don't.

Some conservatives get liberals mixed up with lax morality types.

True liberals have a very high morality, think of Chris Hedges. Chris Hedges is a vegan, like me. Some Christian conservatives think vegans are the Devil. I'm not a true vegan, though, my shoes are leather. I'm into a plant based diet.

Dr Colin T Campbell, a world renowned nutritionist, advises the plant based diet. When I bought his book I discovered he was a liberal too, but I was not surprised.

I might write about the plant based diet because it's interesting about how the conservative/ liberal divides even in things like this. Of course just as many conservatives may be vegans, but Dr Campbell made a lot of enemies with his recommendations and they are all nearly hard right. See, conservative means traditional ways are best. Why change anything?

Dave said...

Ben Carson let something slip huh? Maybe because he is a lunatic.

Good luck America. Sarah freakin Palin. The drunk Christian Dominionist. Can I get an Amen?

Random said...

Christie seems best

Bob said...

I like Mr. Christie, he makes good cookies.

Dave said...

He's good with bridges too.

Malmo's Ghost said...

And the VP thing is total bs:

Tom Hickey said...

'The @washingtonpost report on potential VP candidates is wrong,' Trump wrote on Twitter. 'Marco Rubio and most others mentioned are NOT under consideration.'


Trump said this week that he’s looking at five or six people for the position but wouldn’t name names

Rubio already said he is not available. The tweet implies that at least one on the list is in the running but doesn't say who.

Tom Hickey said...

If I were advising Trump, Nikki Halley and Susana Martinez would be at the top of the short list to appeal to women and minorities, where Trump is especially weak. Probably to early yet to list Mia Love and Jaime Herrera Beutler, but it would not hurt to say that they were being considered.

If HRC, Sherrod Brown, Liz Warren and Ron Wyden to firm the progressive base.