Saturday, May 7, 2016

Jim W. Dean — Dutch Vote Flipflops on Ukraine’s EU Association

The Dutch Parliament voted 75 to 71 to support proceeding with Ukraine’s EU Association, in what could add fuel to the fire for the European Parliamentary elections in May. The gulf is seen as widening between the grassroots voters and what they view as their elitist leadership.
The disappointment of the Dutch referendum vote winners, pulling 61% to 38%, could soon become the EU’s disappointment, with a surge in Eurosceptics’ parliament seats. More votes for the Eurosceptics could hopefully turnaround what many view as a dangerous concentration of power among a European leadership that has been accused of having the attitude of an occupying power, versus that of elected officials.…
Looks like reaction may be brewing in Europe. Or maybe the pretext of democracy will just disappear.

Dutch Vote Flipflops on Ukraine’s EU Association
Jim W. Dean

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