Friday, May 6, 2016

John Helmer — Radoslaw Sikorski, Anne Applebaum Conceal 2015 Income From Polish Parliament, Criminal Offence Investigation To Start

The lady that gets over a half a million dollars fro writing propaganda for US media.
The ex-Polish Foreign Minister and ex-Speaker of the Polish parliament, Radoslaw Sikorski, has failed to disclose his wife, Anne Applebaum’s (lead, right) income for 2015, in the annual disclosure required by Polish law for government officials and members of parliament. He has also failed to report his own income for several months of the year. Polish parliamentary staff say they are investigating before state prosecutors may be called in.
In 2014 Sikorski (pictured below) lost his job as Poland’s foreign minister after clandestine tape-recordings of restaurant conversations he had been having in Warsaw with other officials and Polish business figures revealed scatological opinions and an entirely different character from the one he and Applebaum had been declaring publicly. ““I’m honest”, Sikorski said. “I am not into plotting and don’t steal.” He left office on September 22, 2014.…

In 2014’s filing, Section IX, last line, Sikorski revealed that Applebaum had earned 1,719,699.33 Polish zlotys (PLN). That was equivalent at the time to US$434,000. For details, read this. In earlier years Sikorski has reported the Applebaum takings in US dollars and British pounds, the currencies in which she was employed and earned the money. In 2012, her total came to the equivalent of $542,000; in 2013, $800,000.
Not bad for writing hit pieces.

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