Monday, May 9, 2016

John V. Walsh — China Closes the Innovation Gap

The headline reads, “The Rapid Rise of a Research Nation: China’s economic boom is mirrored by its similarly meteoric rise in high quality science.” This was not a headline in People’s Daily or China Daily but in the most prestigious of Western scientific publications, Nature.
The 38 pages, which follow that headline in a special Supplement to the journal Nature, tell us that China is now second in the world in high quality science publications and growing fast. This certainly contradicts the Western, dare I say racist, stereotype of the hardworking, but unimaginative, Asian drudge, dutifully churning out mounds of low-quality work.…
Back in the day, this was also said about Japan.

Consortium News
China Closes the Innovation Gap
John V. Walsh | former Professor of Physiology and Neuroscience at the University of Massachusetts Medical School

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Ryan Harris said...

It's a good thing, because 5.5 million people per year are dying from air pollution, right now. And half of those are in China and India. They need to develop some technology pronto! Cooking in 2016 indoors with wood, coal, and dung should be obsolete. We know particulates cause early death.