Saturday, May 14, 2016

Lord Keynes — Karl Popper on the Paradox of Tolerance

Can liberalism be illiberal in self-defense?

The 21St Century: Social Democracy For Post Keynesian Perspective
Karl Popper on the Paradox of Tolerance
Lord Keynes

This drama is presently being played out in Europe.

Erdogan Dreaming to 'Revive New Ottoman Caliphate'… in Europe


Ryan Harris said...

I thought the article was in reference to economic orthodoxy, then I saw the bit about Erdogan. Entrenched intolerant quackery takes many forms.

Tom Hickey said...

The first link is to Popper on the paradox of tolerance. The second link is on the unfolding of this paradox as we speak in Europe with the influx of the Muslim refugees and the different reactions of Europeans to it.

jrbarch said...

In Australia the campaign against domestic violence towards women is getting more threatening and desperate. Nobody mentions why the incident rate is increasing, although they all know (Prof. Bill Mitchell is one courageous exception). Basically, the campaign aims to use violence and guilt against violence and guilt: - like trying to command the fire to put out the fire. The underlying truth is that there is no cause, no sane reason, why this violence should be tolerated or allowed to continue. Without respect, there is no foundation for any campaign.

On the one hand you have counsellors trying to advise men how to control their physical, emotional, and mental nature; in the middle you have health professionals doing the studies, identifying the social causes; and on the other you have the people that continue to create all of the societal tensions in the first place, that research shows ends up as incendiary personal relations.

But what about the campaign against domestic violence towards humanity?

Once again, there is no Cause great enough, or Ideology sane enough, to justify this violence. The military’s human duty is to defend their country against disaster (like a tsunami); and secondarily, remind themselves and other countries of the utter stupidity - lack of physical, emotional and mental control - that leads to domestic violence toward humanity. People who kill are not leaders.

The physicists consider the material universe to be a ‘hologram’: - for us, on planet earth, the human being, the human consciousness, is the most valuable, most miraculous, most unknown potential there is. Just as men need to clear their vision and see the absolute beauty of the role of women on this earth, so do they need to clear their vision and see the absolute beauty of the human being, the existence of a human being, as unparalleled. The human consciousness is where the real treasure lies buried. That is one basis of true respect: - not $money or social status. And understand their role, their dharma (duty) in unfolding human potential, in themselves and others.

This duty if felt only by the human heart. Mind needs to catch up and understand.

Kaivey said...
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Kaivey said...

I once considered myself to be a fundamentalist liberal. But I softened my line on that one afterwards. I was always tolerant towards different religions, but intolerant towards fundamentalists of all kinds.

Sam Harris is a liberal hawk and I can't stand him.

If I had a girlfriend who was very Conservative I don't think the relationship would last very long.