Monday, May 16, 2016

Michelle Jamrisko — Trump Is Now Running to the Left of Sanders on Federal Debt

Republican frontrunner mimics mantra of Modern Money Theory 
Unorthodox position could endure to draw contrast with Clinton
The lede. The whole article is about MMT.

Trump Is Now Running to the Left of Sanders on Federal Debt
Michelle Jamrisko
ht Lambert Strether at Naked Capitalism


Matt Franko said...

"Modern Money Theory has gained converts amid sluggish global demand in recent years by arguing that while running up the deficit does eventually have limits"

ie "its about quantity not price...."

They have BIG problems...

Random said...

Agree with Matt. This is misrepresenting MMT. The deficit is what it is.

Michael Norman said...

Makes you wonder what Kelton has been doing all this time if Trump has become the new, MMT guy. I wonder if she has any input whatsoever.

As usual, Democrats suck. No balls. Nothing. Eunuchs.

Kristjan said...

Bernie Sanders has been doing what the leftist do. Just what James Galbraith was doing with Varoufakis during the Greece debt negotiations when everyone said Varoufakis was so fucking smart that these stupid MMT-ers didn't know shit about politics. All these progressive Marxists are neoliberal enablers.

Two guys walk up to you and ask for ten bucks. One of them has a gun and the other is progressive liberal. "Are you guys mugging me", you ask. The progressive liberal says: "no, I am asking you nicely, can you give me 10 bucks. I am not associated with this guy with the gun." "What do you want" you ask from the gunman. "I demand you give him 10 bucks" he says. Progressive liberal says: "I don't condone this guy's actions, he doesn't represent me but I think you should do as he says."

This is how the anti-austerity leftist shitheads play It in Europe. That's why there is no surprise that government after government is elected on anti austerity promise yet they never deliver. This was not the first time for Varoufalis to be in a government. It has also happened in France etc. I am really tired of these shitheads.

Bob said...

I'm tired of disingenuous shitheads whether they be leftists or Donald Trump.