Wednesday, May 11, 2016

teleSUR — 6 Coups Against Latin America's Left Since 2000

1. 2002 Military Coup Against Hugo Chavez in Venezuela
2. 2004 Coup Against Haitian President Aristide
3. 2008 “Civic coup” Against Evo Morales in Bolivia
4. 2009: Honduran Military Removed President Zelaya
5. 2010: Police Coup Against Rafael Correa
6. 2012 “Parliamentary Coup” against President Fernando Lugo in Paraguay
Parliamentary coups are presently underway against Dilma Rousseff in Brazil and  Nicholas Maduro in Venezuela.

6 Coups Against Latin America's Left Since 2000


Kaivey said...

Paul Craig Roberts recently said that the Left in Latin America was too soft on their ruling class. They should have put the key leaders of the Right on trail for treason, taken away their wealth, and took over their businesses, and most certainly removed their control over the media.

The Left made the mistake of believing that if they played fair and abided been the rules of democracy, then the Right would have to correspond. But the history of the ruling class and the right is murderous, and treacherous, leaving millions dead, always to gain more profit. The 500 year slave trade is a good example, which is where most of the ruling class made their money in the first place.

On the whole, it is the gangsters and psychopaths that rise to the top, and these people can't be reasoned with. The only place for professional crooks and thieves is in prison. Now the Latin Left are paying the price.

Bob said...

Brazilian politicians appear to be all crooks.