Friday, May 13, 2016

teleSUR — In Just One Day, Brazil's Post-Coup President Sent the Country Back Decades

Wow! Talk about being blatant!
Temer's cabinet has no women, no Black ministers, no one who identifies as gay, lesbian, or trangender, nor anyone representing social movements or any other of Brazil's minority groups.…
Temer's cabinet, while all men and all white, also includes seven ministers who are under investigation for their alleged role in the Petrobras corruption scandal.…
Temer reduced the size of the cabinet to only 22 ministries, ostensibly in the name of austrity. However, his choice of what ministries to cut or to fold into other ministries is telling of the interim president's right-wing priorities.
The Ministry of Culture has been eliminated
The Ministry of Agrarian Development has been eliminated
The Ministry of Science and Technology has been eliminated (it is now part of a much larger dysfunctional ministry, together with telecommunications)
The Ministry of Women has been eliminated
The Ministry of Racial Equality has been eliminated
The Ministry of Human Rights has been eliminated

The Comptroller General, which once enjoyed independent status, has now become the Ministry of Supervision, Transparency and Control, which could affect its ability to investigate alleged corruption. 
The new minister of justice, Alexandre de Moraes, is a person well-known to social movements in the state of Sao Paulo. He previously served as secretary for security for the right-wing government of the state and in that capacity oversaw several brutal crackdowns on social protest, including an incident on Jan. 13, 2016, that was widely condemned for its excessive use of police force.…
The seven ministers facing corruption allegations also now enjoy a form of immunity, as only the Supreme Court can try them if they are sitting government ministers.…
The kicker.
All Ministries are now in hands of the right, who lost in the 2014 elections to Dilma Rousseff.
How is this not a coup?

In Just One Day, Brazil's Post-Coup President Sent the Country Back Decades


The BRICS Post

This is really funny —  in a morbid way.
“Together we can overcome this moment of great difficulty. It is urgent to calm the nation and unify the nation, create a government of national salvation,” Temer said on Thursday.…

On Thursday, Temer announced a new cabinet where all 24 of his ministers are white men. Brazil has a majority black or mixed race population.
“We must rebuild the foundations of the Brazilian economy and significantly improve the business environment for the private sector so it can get back to its natural role of investing, producing and creating jobs,” Temer said.…

Brazil’s interim president calls for “dialogue” after Rousseff ouster


Matt Franko said...

no guns?

Bob said...

While the methods used to remove Rousseff from office are entirely undemocratic, the protests by the president and her supporters that she is the victim of a “coup” ring hollow, given that the collection of corrupt and right-wing capitalist politicians behind the impeachment were, until recently, the PT’s closest political allies. They were also partners in a succession of corrupt operations, from the mensalao congressional vote-buying affair to the contract kickback scandal at Petrobras. It is perhaps the greatest political indictment of the PT’s rule that it served to protect and incubate the reactionary political elements that are now being unleashed upon the working class.