Monday, May 16, 2016

Xinhua — Premier urges 'fertile soil' for innovation, entrepreneurship

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has demanded "fertile soil" for innovation and entrepreneurship and called for more efforts to discover and support inventors.
He made the remarks in an instruction to the opening of the 7th national congress of the China Association of Inventions, praising the great inventions throughout Chinese history.
"Currently, China is pushing ahead with mass innovation and entrepreneurship under an innovation-fueled growth strategy, which is expected to unleash the great creativity of ordinary people," said Li.
Innovation can nurture new technologies, new industries and new business types to deliver sustained and healthy economic growth, said the premier.


Kaivey said...

I left a comment under Bill Black's article. It was very quickly written and I thought they would not put it out but the moderator did. When I thought about it afterwards it sounded neo-Marxist. I said CEO rates of pay should be limited by a scale by law, so that people can't earn excessively than people at the bottom of the company. This is what Les Leopold is arguing for in his new book. It sounds to me impossible to implement, but Les Leopold doesn't think so. I'm in with him with that.

Matt Franko said...

"ordinary people"


Kaivey said...

I put the above comment under the wrong article. 'Ordianry people', yes, I often write that. I would like a better term. There's nothing ordinary about ordinary people. 'The regular guy'. Hmmm. 'The regular guy on the street'. I don't like that either.

In the UK Sun they used to have a column where 'The White Van Guy' could air his views. A Sun journalist would go about each day finding white van drivers until he found one with right wing working class bigoted views, you know some sort of crude block head, and they would would then put in print.

Ryan Harris said...
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Matt Franko said...

Kevin it is from Li here:

"which is expected to unleash the great creativity of ordinary people," said Li."

I guess they think they have "extraordinary people" too...

This is a condescending remark from Li.... probably the ordinary people are the ones they pay the 3 rations of dog brain soup per day to make $10 equivalent iPhones to sell here for $600....

Ryan Harris said...

Chinese *laugh* Intellectual *cough* Property. *smirk*

Everyone contributes something.

Tom Hickey said...

"ordinary people"

Translating Chinese into English is difficult. Other languages too. (I have some funny stories on that subject.)

What the translator rendered as "ordinary people" is probably better expressed as "the man in the street," or anyone.

The ex of my s.o. was a German engineer with a PhD. Once he was talking with an "ordinary" American (no degrees) who announced that he had an invention he wanted to market. The German was shocked and somewhat dismissive, asking, "What are your qualifications." She told me that to him it was amazing that in America anyone could do anything if they could.

This may have been something like view that the Chinese leadership is trying to correct. It's a problem with getting entrepreneurial sprit fired up in China and apparently the leadership is addressing it.

I had an American friend who was an aid worker in Bangladesh. He told me that people would come to him asking for permission to undertake projects. He had absolutely no authority in this but when he would say, Sure, go ahead, they would and be successful. There was no one else there to ask that would say yes.

Part of what I do is counseling. A lot of it just involves validating people.