Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A few more on Flynn et al

If you've been looking at the news, you are probably aware of the echo chamber recycling the talking points at the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Here are few you may not have seen.

Ian Welsh
The Deep State v. Trump

The Libertarian InstituteSo Much Russia Propaganda. Jeez.
Scott Horton

Breitbart News
The Left’s Alinsky Plan to Destroy the Trump Administration
Joel B. Pollak



Bob said...

So many talking points, except for the one put out by the administration, that Trump didn't trust the guy. Again, I agree with Glenn Greenwald, of the necessity for these leaks. I don't agree with the pessimistic tone. If Trump is who you believe him to be, he'll weather this. I'm telling you this not as a Trump supporter, but as a cynical old Canuck.

Only coup here is for the chattering classes, building mountains out of mole hills.

Malmo's Ghost said...

These leaks are a BIG DEAL! This is worse than banana republic shit. The Deep State and its intelligence appendages, is/are literally working to destroy Trump and start a war.

Snowden went after the "system". These leaks are targeted at the POTUS and his administration, and are clearly illegal, and far beyond Snowden, et al revelations.

It's a literal coup being attempted. Trump has got to counter in the strongest possible way. I'm telling you these moles in NSA, CIA, FBI, MSM, Establishment Republicans and Democrats want WWIII and Trump ain't going to get in their collective way.

...and Flynn, the neocon, being gone is no great loss, btw.