Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Corey Robin — 3 Ways Forward For Trump

Looking beyond Flynn, it seems like there are three ways forward.
First, status quo: we have four years of this stand-still, in which a dysfunctional presidencykeeps the entire nation in a permanent state of high drama and anxious alert, punctuated by the occasional act of brutality without a lot getting done.
Second, someone takes charge: either a James Baker-type fixer is brought in to stabilize the White House and regularize its operations so that Trump has the semblance if not reality of a functional presidency OR the Republican leadership steps in and figures out a way to sideline Trump either through resignation or impeachment.
Third, war.
I don’t see any other options. Am I missing anything?
Corey Robin
3 Ways Forward For Trump
Corey Robin | professor of political science at Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center

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John said...

That about covers all bases. It may not be war, no matter how much Bannon and Flynn want it. Flynn's been dispensed with presumably because the deep state and DoD don't want war, or if they do they don't want it on Flynn's overtly Islamophobic agenda. It's been mooted that war with North Korea is the one to look out for!

If I had to guess, it'll be something along a miss of a GOPher and fixer takeover. The GOPhers will demand near capitulation by Trump to call off the soft coup, and there'll be a fixer put into the White House to oversee operations because Bannon's too much of a loon and Trump's too lazy and addicted to tweeting Breitbart stories.

If I were a senior GOPher I'd try and push home the advantage now and ramp up the pressure. If the deep state took down Flynn, they must have similar info - NSA and CIA recordings, email, etc - of Bannon up to his eyeballs in this stuff. Although it looks like they may be trying a decapitation strategy and going for the big cheese himself by publicising that Trump himself is implicated in all this because he knew of Flynn's shenanigans weeks ago. In that case, why did Trump make him his national security adviser? Or it could be the deep state have Trump doing exactly what Flynn himself did, in which case Trump has royally fucked himself.