Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Nikita Vladimirov — Report: Trump ally to review intelligence agencies

Is the president preparing an overhaul of the intelligence agencies?

I guess the folks in the agencies never watched The Apprentice and don't know that DJT's favorite words are, "You're fired."

Swamp draining in store?

The Hill
Report: Trump ally to review intelligence agencies
Nikita Vladimirov


John said...

Evidently Trump hasn't gotten the message, and seems to think doubling down is a strategy with the forces arrayed against him. The agencies will simply publicly crucify as many of his allies as it takes until he gets it. Which may take some time, and in the meantime his administration will be a chaotic mess of infighting and a classic study in being in office but not in power.

Trump's business efficiency, deal making and winning is all on show, folks!

Bob said...

MC Hammer is reportedly working on lyrics for U Can't Touch This [Pussygrabber version]. It will be their swan song.

db68 said...

He'll drain the swamp the same way he filled his cabinet. Oh that's right, he didn't drain anything, he filled it with swamp creatures from hell. Crash and burn bitches! Trump is a loud mouth bully born with a silver spoon up his ass.

Michael Norman said...

Changes every day. He's all over the map. Useless. I give up on this guy. One day asks for Flynn's resignation, next day heaps praise on the guy and calls the leakers criminal. WTF???

John said...

Trump will have last laugh when Carl Icahn enters his cabinet! Who now remembers Icahn at treasury? Fucking hilarious!

i don't know about you guys, but I'm tired of all this "winning" Trump's been delivering. There's such a thing as too much "winning". And while he's at it, Trump should have mercy on all those "losers" whose asses he's kicked! His administration is permanent slapstick comedy, from the shameless Spicer down. Trump can't run a government because he's firefighting crisis after crisis that have engulfed him within one month of taking office, and his wife is going to be uncovered as a former escort! Trump has a name for this: "loser".