Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pepe Escobar — The Swamp Strikes Back

The tawdry Michael Flynn soap opera boils down to the CIA hemorrhaging leaks to the company town newspaper, leading to the desired endgame: a resounding victory for hardcore neocon/neoliberalcon US Deep State factions in one particular battle. But the war is not over; in fact it’s just beginning....
Pepe parses it for us.

Sputnik International
The Swamp Strikes Back
Pepe Escobar

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Penguin pop said...

Pepe's take on the matter is always well spoken. I did see a comment in the article about how this is really a power struggle between the Kissingers of the world and the Brzeninski side and it made most sense to me what this is really all about. It comes down to the foreign policy element.

lastgreek said...
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lastgreek said...

Bob brought up Greenwald in another thread...

Glenn Greenwald ‏@ggreenwald 7 hours ago
1) Trump presidency is dangerous.
2) CIA/DeepState abuse of spy powers to subvert elected Govt is dangerous.

I agree, expect I would have said "Trump/GOP" instead of "Trump presidency."

Chris Murphy ‏@ChrisMurphyCT 3 hours ago
Senate GOP just spent last 2 days on a bill to weaken the firearms criminal background check system. Bc really, nothing else is going on.

Bob said...

Dangerous but necessary. Pence is on record with a public statement, which needed to be corrected.

Speaking at a joint news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump called Flynn a "wonderful man" and added: "I think it's very, very unfair what's happened to General Flynn, the way he was treated, and the documents and papers that were illegally, I stress that, illegally leaked."

Then why did you fire him, you orange-haired buffoon.

Penguin pop said...

Cognitive dissonance or stupidity? Probably both after reading that. Agent Orange is the king of self-sabotage.

Noah Way said...

He had no choice. It was either Flynn or Trump. And Trump is a the very top of the list. The Deep State will keep witting away until he has nothing left to stand on. I'm betting it will be President Pence sooner rather than later.

Dan Lynch said...

According to Pepe, Flynn was fired not for talking nice with Russia, but because he was working against Iran.

"Flynn was removed not because of his Russian calls but for other reasons ... he was disrupting a peace deal in the Middle East relating to Russia, Iran and Turkey in Syria. So he had to go.”

So while the Trump vs. deep state war is very real, it doesn't have as much to do with Flynn as we originally assumed.

Dan Lynch said...

Flynn was trying to sabotage the nuke deal with Iran

Bob said...

That would be a meatier rationale, but how credible is the Washington Free Beacon?

Dan Lynch said...

Normally not credible at all, @Bob, but normally the editor of Breitbart would not be running the White House. If Bannon wanted to leak a story, who would he leak it to?

Bob said...

He could leak it to anyone if he remains anonymous.

Bob said...

Al Jazeera might run this story, but they'd want some sort of confirmation.

Dan Lynch said...

Well, Bannon would not leak to hostile rags like the WaPo or the NYT. He would not leak to Breitbart because that would be too obvious. He wouldn't leak to RT because that would reinforce the claim that the White House is in Russia's pocket. Hmmm .... are there any right wing rags that might be friendly to Bannon ?

Tom Hickey said...

The Washington Free Beacon is right's answer to David Brock's Media Matters on the left.

There's nothing to indicate that it is not credible has far as I can tell, but like its liberal counterparts, it has a strong political bias.