Thursday, March 9, 2017

Alexandra Rosenmann — Bernie Sanders Unveils Plan to Flip Red States as He Travels Through Trump's America

"The truth is, and I think anyone who objectively assesses the situation has to appreciate, that the model the Democrats have followed for the last 10 to 20 years has been an ultimate failure,” Sanders told the Huffington Post from his Senate office in Washington.
“That’s just the objective evidence. We are taking on a right-wing extremist party whose agenda is opposed time after time and on issue after issue by the vast majority of the American people," he explained. "Yet we have lost the White House, the U.S. House, the U.S. Senate, almost two-thirds of the governors’ chairs and close to 900 legislative seats across this country. How can anyone not conclude that the Democratic agenda and approach has been a failure?”
Ya think?

Bernie Sanders Unveils Plan to Flip Red States as He Travels Through Trump's America
Alexandra Rosenmann


Noah Way said...

The back and forth of vote the bastards out will continue with no real change on any front. DEMs aren't progressives and don't magically become progressives no matter how regressive the GOP is.

Ryan Harris said...

The only way we will ever get progressive policy is to not automatically align with either party. Progressives should support progressive policy whether Dem or GOP. If Dems or GOP want the 5 or 10% of progressive votes, they know what policies they have to bring to get it. Unfortunately that would require on a consensus of what is up and what is down by the vast majority of progressives. Progressives are always enamored with rhetoric and shiny gold social policy that never amounts to anything. Politicians progressive bait in the same way we get queer-baiting in popular culture.

Noah Way said...

Both parties have sold their souls to the devil, neither are redeemable. Every bill is laden with ideology and corruptive perks. Every pol is dependent on millions in "donations" to maintain station.

Real progressive policy puts citizens first, not last, and not just a tiny minority of them.

Ryan Harris said...

too right, Noah