Saturday, March 4, 2017

Dean Baker — Tony Blair, Who Brought Us the War in Iraq, Lectures on the Evils of Populism

Dean Baker illustrates the close connection among politics, policy, economics and the social fabric, showing how the globalist centrists are not only self-interested but clueless about the consequences, "populism" being a prominent one. 

The same can be said for the New Democrats in the US and the European globalist centrist leaders. 

They have no conception of historical dialectical and the inevitability of overreach calling froth its opposite to complement it. The pendulum of historical time is always swinging.

Beat the Press
Tony Blair, Who Brought Us the War in Iraq, Lectures on the Evils of Populism
Dean Baker | Co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, D.C


Bob said...

Blair is a mouthpiece for interests that are far from being clueless. Why else have they been preparing for social unrest?

Magpie said...

This time it is Dean Baker who blew it. Baker:

Blair obviously is unfamiliar with the basic facts about the economy.

Basic facts about the economy? Give me a break. For all we know, Jesus and all the saints were unfamiliar with the basic facts of the economy. They didn't need that to be Jesus and all the saints.

The problem with Blair goes way deeper than his obvious unfamiliarity with the basic facts about the economy.

His problem is that he's obviously unfamiliar with the basic notions of truth, shame, decency, honesty, common sense. The New York Times is no better.

A long time ago I learned a basic truth: Blair's op-eds are nothing more than exercises of political necromancy. He is just an uninterred decaying corpse, too shameless and stubborn to admit his own death.

What we need is an exorcism. I doubt Baker is qualified to perform it.

John said...

Magpie: "What we need is an exorcism."

No, something far more earthly is required. Handing him over to Iraqis whose lives, families and country have all been destroyed in no small measure by this monster would be fitting.

Ralph Musgrave said...

"Tony Blair, Who Brought Us the War in Iraq, Lectures on the Evils of Populism".

Also Tony Blair, who decided that Islamizing the UK would be a great idea when he was in power is now telling us that's not such a great idea...:-)