Thursday, March 9, 2017

Illegal immigration plummets since Trump

This is going to have real and financial effects.


John said...

That's isn't to say that it's because of Trump? It could be that employment is in the dumps. Obummer got out of Dodge just in time.

Andrew said...

Employment isn't in the dumps.

I would expect it's about Trump. It's about less certainty about what's going to happen to you if you come. And whether it's a place that you want to come.

Noah Way said...

Employment still hasn't recovered to pre 2008 levels, and in 2008 it hadn't recovered to pre 2001 levels. This is a downward spiral. Latinos were leaving before the election. Trump just threw some more gas on the fire.

John said...

Andrew: "Employment isn't in the dumps."

The majority of jobs created have been in things like catering and other low paid work. A lot of that is part-time too. If that isn't a sign of something amiss, what is?

Illegal workers are usually prepared to put up with quite a bit: low wages, poor working conditions, cramped living conditions, abuse, etc, all so they can feed themselves and their families. A pussy-grabber isn't going to be much impediment to that. Perhaps the environment has soured since Trump became prez, but it's unlikely to stop poor people making the journey.

So it looks more likely to be a private sector that's really struggling. As Noah says, illegal workers had already made a decision to leave pre-Trump. For an illegal worker to leave, things must be bad.

Six said...

Fake news? Who does the counting?