Tuesday, March 7, 2017

James Kwak — Soak the Poor, Feed the Rich

There are more details, but the basic outlines of the plan are simple: Cut taxes on the rich, cut spending on the poor, and expose more families to rising health care costs. The thing is, we’re talking about health care here. People will need the same amount of health care no matter what Congress does. If the government pays less for health care, poor people will have to pay more. If they can afford it, Trumpcare is effectively the same as a tax on the poor. If they can’t afford it, it’s even worse. This is as naked an example of class warfare as you’ll see today.
Baseline Scenario
Soak the Poor, Feed the Rich
James Kwak | Associate Professor of Law at the University of Connecticut School of Law


Joe said...

The last sentence of the article was key, for the phrasing it used, "class warfare".

Whenever anyone even slightly suggests raising taxes on the wealth and increasing benefits for the poor, the conservatives scream "Class Warfare!" from the top of their lungs.. But when the situation is reversed, you never hear any of the ostensibly liberal people saying "class warfare"...

The real question is are the health care companies in favor of this? Higher premiums but fewer customers...

Noah Way said...

"class warfare" in the media

Money = speech. Those with money own the media, those without gather in coffee shops lament fake news.