Thursday, March 16, 2017

Karoli Kuns — Reaganomics Inventor Excuses Kansas Failure, Says Tax Cuts Were 'Too Small'

Art Laffer doubles down on Kansas.


Penguin pop said...

When in doubt, double down.

Unknown said...

It appears that Laffer cannot differentiate between a currency user and currency issuer. At the state level, more tax cuts would have had to come from a reduction in state spending. No deficits are possible at the state level. Things would have been even worse with larger tax cuts.

Noah Way said...

Taxes are the governments only power. Abolish taxes and government goes with it. No more corporate welfare!

Then of course *everything* is privatized and the fascists run the country with private armies. ATT and Verizon will duke it out with private armies of mercenaries instead of hired 'guns' in DC.

lastgreek said...

Tom, did you catch this article from earlier this week?

Unspeakable Realities Block Universal Health Coverage In The US


My family’s generous health insurance costs about $20,000 a year, of which we pay only $4,000 in premiums. The rest is subsidized by taxpayers. You read that right. Like virtually everyone else on my block who isn’t old enough for Medicare or employed by the government, my family is covered by private health insurance subsidized by taxpayers at a stupendous public cost. Well over 90% of white households earning over the white median income (about $75,000) carried health insurance even before the Affordable Care Act. White socialism is nice if you can get it.

Btw, it's from Forbes!

Tom Hickey said...

I did not see that, lastgreek. Nice short post. I promoted it.