Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Moon of Alabama — Fool Me Once ... - Crowdstrike Claimed Two Cases Of "Russian Hacking" - One Has Been Proven Wrong

The cyber-security company Crowdstrike claimed that the "Russia" hacked the Democratic National Committee. It also claimed that "Russia" hacked artillery units of the Ukrainian army. The second claim has now be found to be completely baseless. That same is probably the case with its claims related to the DNC.
Much of this has already been posted here previously, but b pulls it together. Moreover, it is relevant now owing to the recent testimony of FBI chief James Comey that the agency never actually investigated the alleged DNC "hack" forensically and there is good reason to think that it was actually a leak rather than a hack.

There are some good comments, too.

Internet security is highly important, of course, but without oversight it can lead to government management of the national and global information systems.

In this case Congress seems to be bent on a witch hunt rather than a real investigation.


Dan Lynch said...

The fact that the CrowdStrike owner is a senior fellow in the Atlantic Council should by itself be a red flag. The Atlantic Council is all about Western hegemony. They want Putin gone because he refuses to kneel to the West.

Noah Way said...

The US model for the rest of the world is Libya - no functional state for corporations and their mercenary armies to deal with. Just take what you want, no payments to dictators or bribes to government functionaries, no environmental or labor laws to comply with, no taxes to pay, etc. Plus a failed state that supplies an endless source of "terrorists" that can be co-opted to destabilize the next target and used to further justify military spending / action .