Friday, March 3, 2017

Mother Earth Trust — The Earth Dollar

The Earth Dollar Creates a Sustainable Economy

The Earth Dollar is a currency based on nature that is created to fight climate change. The Earth Dollar ushers in a new Living Economic System that redefines money and success. No longer will unsustainable GDP be the only measurement of success in the world economy, but success will include how much CO2 we have in the atmosphere, how much clean water we have, how much forest we have, how healthy people are, how much peace we have, how happy people are…etc.…
Mother Earth Network

Blockchain Technology combined with Sovereignty**

The Mother Earth Network (Software Platform) is the world's first Sovereign Humanitarian Blockchain Network, created through treaties with nations. The Mother Earth Network will be a series of blockchains inter-linked together by a common protocol. The blockchains first selected for the network are the bitcoin blockchain, the Ethereum blockchain, and our own sovereign blockchain, using a modified version of Ethereum. For more details, visit:

Our Sovereign Partners

Sovereign Nations and Governments adopting the Earth Dollar

Aiken Lake Nation, Anishnabe Nation of Manitoba, Anishnabe Nation of the Ottawa River Watershed, Akwusasne Nation, Atikamekw Nation, Delegation from the Rotinonsonni, Inuit, Kingdom of Hawaii, Krainee Pkoa Nation, Micmac Nation, Nation of Frog Lake, Polynesian Kingdom, Tsek'ehne Nation

Are you a Sovereign Nation or Government Leader, Hereditary or Grand Chief and want to partner with us?

Contact us at:

Mother Earth Trust
The Earth Dollar


Penguin pop said...

Green Bitcoin?

MRW said...

Yeah, like all those guys have computers to trade in bitcoin. Or use foolproof cellphones to protect themselves from theft.

Just as I predicted six years ago about the Global Warming Movement being what Rothschild père et fils said they wanted out of the movement they started and financed in the early 80s: global governance and a global currency. Rothschild père said it on CNBC in August 2011. Rothschild fils said it when Copenhagen '09 tanked in late 2009.

Turn every country in the world into Greece with the Rothschilds in control in Geneva. ‘That’s the ticket’.

Why can’t smarter brains than mine see this? This has been a financial scam from the gitgo, from the day Baron Edmond de Rothschild and world investors he personally invited met in September 1987 in Estes Park, Colorado after the 4th Worldwide Wilderness Conference to create a World Conservation Bank with Rothschild in control. [This was Baron Edmond de Rothschild’s brilliant tack to the threat of longevity to the Rothschild holdings after France nationalized the Rothschild bank in 1981—the second time since WWII—and Edmond feared the same thing if Switzerland adopted the upcoming Euro, which they barely avoided doing in their subsequent referendum in 1991.]

Cue the polar bears, and Al Gore.

MRW said...

I rest my case:
Greenpeace Claims Immunity from Lawsuits Because Its Claims Are ‘Hyperbole’
MARCH 3, 2017

Greenpeace admits its attacks on forest products giant were ‘non-verifiable statements of subjective opinion’
MARCH 2, 2017

GLH said...

Thanks MRW. I didn't realize that Greenpeace was part of the deep state.

MRW said...

Greenpeace: paid and bought by the Rockefeller brothers, one of whom was present at the 4th Worldwide Wilderness Congress in Denver as a keynote speaker (David Rockefeller), and was also present at the invitation-only investor meeting the following week in Estes Park, Co. Rothschild introduced him as Mr. Industry and anointed himself Mr. Environment. This was also reported in a Denver newspaper, which I have a copy of.

According to the map I have a copy of, their plan is to get 35% of the world's land designated as "wilderness areas," which would come under Rockefeller's control to develop, and which would be patrolled by a 300,000-strong group of millennials trained in Geneva (that Rothschild would pay for) who would make sure the riff-raff didn't intrude. A private police force.

Each of the areas designated as “wilderness” on the map I have represented the top resources spot in every country they want to nab control of.

Groups like the US Tides Foundation showed up and enticed the Canadian Indians listed in this post with booze and skidoos—mainly in Alberta—and got them to use their treaty rights to persuade the Canadian govt to go along with Tides Foundation demands. One of the men presenting with Rothschild at the 1987 secret meeting was the former Chairman of the Royal Bank of Canada. Everything is being managed outside of US jurisdiction: e.g.: Geneva, Nairobi, Canada.

I have the 1987 audio from this secret meeting. This is not tin-foil projection. I have Maurice Strong (Rothschild's major-domo), Rothschild, and the Royal Bank guy in their own words. The guy who gave it to me is dead. He was older, but someone from the Rockefeller Foundation called and threatened him in 2004 if he didn’t shut up.

I’m probably the only person on this blog who spends a minimumof two hours a day reading scientific papers--source documents--about climate science, as I have done for eight years. Most people I know (or encounter) repeat the global warming blather the way Lou Dobbs or Paul Ryan talk about the national debt, or scream that “all scientists agree,” or the Dr. Bill Maher line that “the science is settled.” Even Mike Norman and Yves Smith have bought the kool-aid. But then they, like me, once bought the national debt and the deficit is bad histrionics; however, they arighted and cured themselves before I did on that score. So it's just a matter of timing.

MRW said...

No truer words: Follow The Money.

GLH said...

MRW: Thanks for that. As far as global warming, are you saying that it is fake or are you saying that it doesn't stem from pollution and can you give me a source so that I can check out what you are saying?
By the way, have you read much of Michael Collins Piper's work?

MRW said...

GLH, you're actually asking a complicated set of questions which I don't have the time at the immediate moment to answer. I gotta' go do some stuff that will seriously screw my ass if I don't do. However, I want to answer you, and I will. So please check in later. As for Michael Collins Piper's work: the answer is no.

MRW said...

Pollution produces increased aerosols in the atmosphere. Increased aerosols actually have a cooling effect. Sun's effect is reduced, basically. That's not to say that pollution has a beneficial effect. It doesn't.

Bob said...

MRW, what is your take on Guy McPherson? An honest messenger?

MRW said...

Who is Michael Collins Piper?

GLH said...

MRW; Thanks. I am patient, anytime you can get back to us is fine.

MRW said...

I think Guy McPherson is sincere in what he believes; however, I think he's off base. Extinction by 2030? He's generally lumped in with James Lovelock, the father of the GAIA theory who was a doomsayer for decades. Lovelock, who is in his 90s now, has completely reversed his opinion, he now says he was an alarmist and that he was wrong (Lovelock can be called an "honest [scientific] messenger" in that regard). Lovelock went on BBC TV in 2012 and said this about the IPCC "They just guess. And a whole group of them meet together and encourage each other’s guesses." I gotta'

MRW said...

gotta' roll.

MRW said...

I think McPherson is to Climate Change what the National Debt Debbies are to a future US bankruptcy.

Tom Hickey said...

I learned some time ago by happenstance from a credible source that the super-rich (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc.) made it there business to buy up the world's choice RE after the areas were opened up through colonialism. But they bought up a lot of choice RE in the developed world, too.