Thursday, March 2, 2017

Neil Wilson — What is Work?

Some philosophy of economics and sociology, where "work" is a foundational term.
Work is another of those Humpty Dumpty words. So let’s clarify what work is and what it should be.
Modern Money Matters
What is Work?
Neil Wilson


Noah Way said...

"Parasite economy" gives the illusion that guaranteed jobs and living wages would solve all our problems. Unfortunately the real parasite ecocomy is entrenched in every aspect of our society from government to corporate industry (medical, insurance, pharma, food, energy, etc.) to "financial services". The concept is the very foundation for "success" in capitalism. Anything that detracts from profit in any way is to be reduced or eliminated.

The difference between a parasite economy and a real parasite is that a tapeworm won't kill it's host.

MRW said...

I think Neil Wilson is brilliant. And clear-headed.

Bob said...

Work is any activity that will enable you to survive another day.