Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Saker — The Empire Should be Placed on Suicide Watch

… the Empire is pursuing a full-spectrum policy of self-destruction on several distinct levels, with each level contributing the overall sum total suicide. And when I refer to self-destructive behavior I don’t mean long-term issues such as the non-sustainability of the capitalist economic model or the social consequences of a society which not only is unable to differentiate right from wrong, but which now decrees that deviant behavior is healthy and normal. These are what I call “long term walls” into which we will, inevitably, crash, but which are comparatively further away than some “immediate walls”. Let me list a few of these:
The Unz Review
The Empire Should be Placed on Suicide Watch
The Saker


intajake said...

Israel not serious about alqaeda

US not serious about al Qaeda (or the fact that pakstan funds Taliban and Saudi funds isis) Saudi paid Pakistan to hide Osama bin laden from US turkey supports IS

US and isreal more concerned about Persia

Europe needs to rid jihadi influence alone

Noah Way said...

He left out social and cultural suicide. Otherwise accurate.

Tom Hickey said...

Terminal stupidity combined with the Dunning-Kruger effect