Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Andrew Batson — How long was China Communist?

The theme of this blog is the length of time under communist rule and it's effects on liberalization.

The most interesting aspect is the comparison of Russia and China. Russia was a strictly communistic regime for almost 75 years, while China was communistic strictly speaking for a much shorter period.

Russia collective farmer resist attempts at privatization of land and farming, while China has enforced an urbanization policy and is replacing the traditional farming with industrial mechanized farming and relocating displaced workers to cities built for the purpose. This has resulted in a significant degree of social disruption in the hinterlands.

Russian farmers are generally satisfied with their situation with is running more or less cooperatively and they do not wish the land divided into privately owned plot. Whether they realize it, the trend is toward mechanized farming that obviates the competitiveness of small farms. What would happen is that the farms would be turned into privately own industrial farms, and the former workers would be displaced. They would rather continue to be part of a cooperative farm.

The big challenge in the Global South is the industrialization of agriculture that not only displaces millions of agricultural workers but also disrupts cultural traditions.

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How long was China Communist?
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