Friday, June 9, 2017

Asif Aziz: Path to Hell: Daesh in the Philippines is a US Project

Washington has decided to spread Daesh to the Philippines because over the last year the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterti, has been moving away from Washington and turning towards China. Duterti refuses for the Philippines to be a vassal state of the US, which is unforgivable to Washington, while spoiling its plans for a confrontation between the Philippines and China. This absolutely evil, this Satan needs to be stopped. I bet all the governments and the MSM of Europe say and do nothing, despite the fact that must know this evil is going on.

The events of May 23 in Mindanao in the Philippines, the first city to fall into the hands of Daesh in Asia, shows disturbing parallels with the operational methods of Daesh in Syria, Iraq and Libya. The presence of 500 operatives, part of different dormant cells in Mindanao, allowed a coordinated assault on the police station and the city prison, enlarging the number of recruits and acquiring multiple firearms in the process. In a series of events difficult to verify, Daesh took control of the city and established several checkpoints. Employing an operational mix of tactics inspired by the beginning of the attacks on Syria in 2011 and in 2014, Daesh quickly expanded into Syria from Iraq.

Duterte, unlike many politicians, has kept his word to voters and has brought about important changes, in contrast to his predecessors. Rather than breaking historic links with Washington, Duterte has preferred to broaden his country’s horizons by starting a serious and fruitful dialogue with China and, to a lesser extent, Russia. Disputes regarding the Spratly Islands continue to divide Manila and Beijing, including with harsh tones, but both Duterte and Xi Jinping have reiterated that a diplomatic solution is the only possible option, and there is continued progress in this area. This is not exactly in line with the warmongering intentions of the military-industrial-espionage apparatus in Washington. The Spratly Islands are considered by American analysts and strategists as a possible point of confrontation between China and the US, as long as the American chosen ally, in this case the Philippines, agrees to be the tripwire. Duterte clearly understands US objectives in this context, particularly in the Asian region, which is to use of every ally as ammunition against China in a desperate attempt to contain Beijing’s political, military and economic expansion in Asia. The Philippine president has clearly shown his intention not to sacrifice the interests of his country to benefit foreign nations like the US or Japan
Duterte represents a real danger to the interests of the American establishment in Asia. In the last twelve months, he has applied to the letter what he promised, with an escalation in the war on terrorist organizations in the country, stepping up the fight against drug trafficking, and new diplomatic ties with Beijing and even Moscow, as evidenced by the recent meeting between Putin and Duterte.

The operation to demolish the Philippines is in full swing, with its third phase starting a few weeks ago with the infiltration of Daesh into the country from Indonesia and Malaysia and the alliance with local terrorist groups. It seems that Washington has lost all hope with Duterte and prefers to continue to create permanent chaos in the country The American deep state sees the opportunity to spread the seeds of Middle-Eastern chaos to Asia. The objective is twofold: to prevent economic and political development linked to Beijing’s role in the region, and to justify its military presence in the region in order to combat terrorism. Trump has underlined over the last few days how the US is «monitoring the situation in Manila.»as it has done to nations hostile for American interests in the Middle East, North Africa and Afghanistan.

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Path to Hell: Daesh in the Philippines is a US Project

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Kaivey said...

I told my friend about this through text. Be didn't believe me. So even when people do get presented with the truth they won't believe it. He probably believes that Russian hackers wrecked the US election. Here's rely to me:

Your in danger of over thinking international relations giving too much credit to Washington particularly if you believe theyve actually got a well thought out & credible foreign policy! Sorry but I dont buy it. I find the whole idea of Trump having worked out even a semblence of a foreign policy as ludicrous. More often than not clashes occur on the global stage because of ill thought out initiatives/deals with a complete disregard or misunderstandingof their wider consequences. Its a case of blundering around on the world stage cos youve got the political/military might behind you believing that that gives you the right to do whatever you want so long as its in your own interest to do so. Its an arrogant bullyboy tactic thats been used for years without a semblence of a well thought out plan to knit all the pieces together. Sorry but I'm not buying it that this is all part of some sort of coherent plan