Wednesday, June 14, 2017

CBS: Oliver Stone on new documentary, "The Putin Interviews"

This is disturbing when you see these CBS journalist all saying that Putin is a brutal dictator which they try to put over as a sheer fact without any need for debate. Oliver Stone has to be very careful and can't say whether he liked Putin because he wants to be seen as impartial. He knows they are ready to pounce on him if he says whether he thinks Putin is decent guy because they would then say how do you know he isn't lying? They could then paint Oliver Stone as gullible and use this to try to discredit his film. He tells them to see the film to see what Putin is like, but they give him a hard time. Oliver Stone says he hopes his film might help stop WW3.

This Western propaganda is outrageous and I thought I would never see this in the West. The journalists pretend to be very angry with Putin and the public are liable to just believe it.

This clip is even more disturbing because the audience has been so propagandized against Putin. Stephen Colbert makes fun of Oliver Stone as he tries to present Putin fairly while the audience laugh because they are so convinced Putin is a brutal dictator. This is a very uncomfortable interview for Oliver Stone. After Stephen Colbert gives him a grilling Oliver Stone says what's wrong with détente? Well, what's wrong with these liberals, have they've got a hornets nest in their heads?

I'm sure most would people hold fair minded liberal views like Oliver Stone if it wasn't for the propaganda.

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