Thursday, June 8, 2017

C.J.Hopkins: The Good Americans

This article explains how Americans are fed propaganda from cradle to grave. They don't question it because the trust the authorities who use nice intelligent broadcasters on TV to promote their propaganda.

I could say the same for the British, where people just get told what to say and think. They watch the news at night and see well dressed, highly educated newsreaders who wouldn't possibly lie or distort the truth, would they, and the public just takes it at face value? Assad and Putin are evil, but the history of the Middle East and its endless coups by the British , French, and the Americans is never mentioned. Cuba is a bad communist country but its revolution contained both conservatives and socialists all wanting independence from America, just like Americans wanted independence from Britain. When the USA blockaded Cuba it turned to Russia for help. Its colonial past where American and British corporations used Cubans as slaves is never mentioned.

This is a good article, it was difficult to know what to leave out.

The Pink Revolution of 2017, better known as Russiagate, is now more or less a fait accompli. Whether the corporatist ruling classes and their servants in Congress formally impeach him or force him to resign in disgrace, Donald J. Trump is being regime-changed, or at the very least effectively neutralized until he can be replaced with a grown-up, i.e., someone who will serve their interests without getting the masses all riled up about “taking the government back from the elites,” putting “America first,” and, well, just generally making an ass of himself.

The United States of America being a profoundly authoritarian society (whose citizens have been conditioned from childhood to follow orders, go through channels, submit to a host of humiliating rituals devised by an ever-expanding range of government and private “security services,” and to worship leaders, police, soldiers, and, basically, anyone wearing a uniform, or a Giorgio Armani business suit), this ruling class soft coup is cause for celebration. Good Americans up and down both coasts are already dusting off their vuvuzelas. It isn’t quite time to use them yet, but they want to be ready for the moment Trump waddles across the lawn of the White House, boards Marine One for the final time, and is flown away to exile in Florida, or to Leavenworth to be hanged for treason.

Counterpunch: The Good Americans


Bob said...

Care to add a link!?

Kaivey said...

The whole article is good so I had real trouble deciding what to leave out. I altered it so many times but it always ended up to big. The paragraphs are big too. So almost put the whole article out. So I ended up forgetting about the link. Will sort it now.

Bob said...

Thank-you :)

Kaivey said...

It fits in with a lot of other posts I have put out, like how can the US carpet bomb a whole continent and then install puppet regimes who teach children the US saved them, so in the end whole populations forget.

We've been brainwashed too, so people today work very hard thinking this is TINA, there is no alternative. But in the 50's when automation was taking place, people asked, what are we going to do with all our leisure time? Governments then had a decision to make, do they decrease the working hourly week, or do they keep the working week as it is, and then turn society into a commodity one. They chose the latter.

Bob said...

Governments also abandoned full employment policies.