Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Greg Satell — The 4 Types of Innovation and the Problems They Solve

Relatively short and worth a read. It's business oriented but applicable to any kind of creative problem-solving. The first step is identifying the kind of problem and then matching the method.

Harvard Business Review
The 4 Types of Innovation and the Problems They Solve
Greg Satell

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jrbarch said...

There is another type of innovation ....

It’s like pulling at a protruding thread on a jumper: - you pull and you pull and you pull, and eventually the whole jumper unravels. This jumper is the ‘I’; the wave in the mindstuff that each person creates for themselves, largely through the conditioning of the world.

Consciousness and the sense of self were once thought to ‘exude’ from the neurons; now it is thought to be held as a pattern in the brain waves. The discovery is that the self, using the mind, can switch genes off and on; map brain functions to other parts of the plastic brain (hatha yoga). People thought the camera may steal their soul; now they wonder why a MRI does not?

Each ‘I’ clambers over other ‘I’s’ in order to be content, and fulfil their concept of what it means to be alive. Some rule whole countries; some beg in the streets; some practice kindness, some practice hate – each longs - to be fulfilled. Seventy laps around the sun and death comes and rubs them all out. This is the dance of the ‘I’s’ in the world. Kali dances on their heads.

For millennia, the Ageless Wisdom has said you are not the ‘I’ and your contentment lies elsewhere. ‘Look carefully, and you will see the magic everywhere’. Who has the courage, to let the jumper unravel (doesn’t mean you give up your day job, science or humanities) and seek the self? In this light, can be seen the dis-ease of the world. We are the problem; and physicians first, must heal them selves. It takes love: -that is the only healing energy in a human being, that can soothe the ‘I’s – its source is the self.