Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Inessa Sinchougova — Tillerson has developed a program to improve relations with Russia

The strategy is aimed at establishing a constructive working relationship with the president of Russia on a range of issues.

The first is to give Russia an understanding that aggression against the United States is doomed to failure and it is counterproductive for both states. It is noted that the United States will take action, should Russia take any steps against US interests, such as sending weapons to the Taliban in Afghanistan or prosecution of US diplomats in Moscow. (Apparently these standards do not apply to themselves?)
Ha ha. What a joke. "We can do what we want regardless of your red lines, and if you oppose us we will attack you, and then neither us will benefit because there will be a nuclear holocaust that will wipe out the Northern Hemisphere if not also the Southern. 

Has this guy studied game theory; is he just Mafia, or is he an adolescent that never grew up?

Ultimatums won't deter Russia from asserting its interests. It will just sour relations further. Same with China.

The world is getting very close to the point of no return as the US digs in to preserving its global hegemony in seeking to make Russia and China its vassals. Conflict among nuclear superpowers is looking more and more likely on this course, as the US has driven Russia and China to its red lines.

This is sheer madness that has nothing to do with genuine US interests, as in the interest of the American people, and everything to do with extending American empire in the interest of the American elite.

Fort Russ
Tillerson has developed a program to improve relations with Russia
KtoVKurse — Inessa Sinchougova

Lavrov responds deftly, in effect saying that the US is country that has demonstrated it cannot keep its agreements, so its words are worthless.

Sputnik International
Tillerson Plan Would Sound Good If Trump Wasn't 'Bound Hand & Foot by Congress'


Kaivey said...

Washington is insane. It's entirely evil. The Devil. How did these crazed lunatics get to the top? They have $millions and billions, so what are they going to gain out of it? They could live lives of luxury forever, and all their descendants. Someone has got to remove them.

Bob said...

He should go back to Exxon. They had good relations with Russia.