Thursday, June 8, 2017

Kaivey: The Tories Are Destroying Our Country

I wrote this on The Guardian's CIF today. It's quickly written and very concise because people don't want to read long replies on CiF. I put the video out here before, which shows how and why the ancient Chinese civilizations collapsed.

The Tories are destroying our country and will continue to do so. The Chinese civilisations came to an end six times and although they knew what made them collapse they were never able to stop it.

Primitive society would first form, then villages and towns, then cities and civilisations formed. The new emperor was fair and taxes were reasonable. Small and medium sized businesses would prosper and then large businesses would form. A new super rich would then come about who would take control of the government and they would stop paying taxes and push the tax burden on everyone else. They would also use their monopoly power to extract wealth out of society. People would when then have less spending money and the small and medium sized businesses would suffer and many would eventually go under. Society then begins to collapse.

In our society the same thing is happening where the super rich are not paying their share of the taxes pushing the tax burden onto us while driving wages to rock bottom through extreme market forces because they have all the power. People are maxed out with debt and much of their wages go to pay bankers rather than back into the economy to keep it going. Our society is collapsing and another bank crash is coming where the super rich will be able to extract even more money out us in bail outs. Then small and medium sized businesses will start to go under just as many did in 2008. The owners of these businesses would be mad to vote Tory. The super rich are destroying everyone.


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