Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mainstream Media Says 'Russian Propaganda' Creating Fifth Column in US Military

Washington is scared of serviceman getting the truth, who want their troops brainwashed with US propaganda to fight in their wars. The US has been constantly at war with someone since WW2 always going around the world getting the 'bad guys', while leaving 20 to 30 million people dead its wake with just as many injured, and millions other people having their livelihoods destroyed.

Politico has published an exposé about how 'Russian propaganda' is destroying the US military from the inside out and turning servicemembers and veterans into a dangerous 'fifth column'. Speaking to Radio Sputnik, political observer Valery Korovin said that the truth is that US military leaders are just afraid of alternative sources of information.

The Politico piece, coming out the same day that Secretary of Defense James Mattis issued his own letter to Congress about the challenges Russia and China pose to US military dominance, consists of a series of paranoid anecdotes about how the Kremlin appears to be infiltrating all aspects of US political life, including the military.

For example, the article finds it highly suspicious that Veterans Today, an independent news site that offers ex-service members help finding jobs and paying medical bills, occasionally reposts content from Russian-based English-language resources. 

Speaking to the news site, Philip Breedlove, the Obama-era NATO Supreme Allied Commander who called Russia an 'existential threat to the West,' warned about a 'concerted Kremlin influence campaign' by Russian online trolls to influence and manipulate card-carrying Republicans, servicemen and veterans. "People popping up on veterans' sites and singing the praises of Putin, you can guarantee those are trolls and part of the army that's sitting over there attacking us every day," Breedlove said.

Ultimately, Politico cautioned that Russia's efforts have "the potential to blunt the military's ability and weaken its resolve to counter future Russian military aggression."

According to the observer, US strategists, fully aware of the weak spots in their ideological constructs. The Pentagon, he said, sees and understands the dangers that lie in their servicemen finding alternative (but not false) sources of information and meaning –outside those created by US propaganda. Doing so, they "may completely reorient themselves toward a different system of values, finding them in Russian media, in the Russian 'informational machine', and [thus] changing their priorities and their views." 

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Tom Hickey said...

They remember what happened during the Vietnam conflict when many service people leaving active duty joined the anti-war movement and told the truth about what was going on — including me.

They wanted to shut this down by going to a professional military over which they would have greater control, but it is not working there either.