Saturday, June 17, 2017

Pepe Escobar — The West Can't Smell What Eurasia is Cooking

A tectonic geopolitical shift happened in Astana, Kazakhstan, only a few days ago, and yet barely a ripple registered in Atlanticist circles.

Sputnik International
The West Can't Smell What Eurasia is Cooking
Pepe Escobar


MRW said...

I've been saying this since the moment Obama slapped sanctions on Russia. Could see it coming a mile away. If Qatar accepts Yuan, it's over.

Bob said...

So this "petrodollar" theory is legit?

ISIS is in Afghanistan. I watched a documentary about it recently - on Al Jazeera!

Penguin pop said...

The geopolitical tides are turning and Western politicians won't know what hit them.

Tom Hickey said...

Right. The further time progresses from the end of WWII when the US emerged as the superpower of the West, the more the advantage that the US had then declines.

This is a good thing and initially US leaders recognized that hoarding power was a bad idea and that supporting even former enemies and making them friends and allies was a good strategy that benefited all.

However, the country began to lose its way not long after that, and now the leadership has gone bonkers, with the US becoming a rogue state that see the world as a zero sum game. This is a lose-lose strategy. Other countries are now on to this.

Russia and China do want good relations and a multipolar world, for example, but the US is saying my way or the highway — you are with us or against us. Adolescent behavior, in fact, bullying.