Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Robert Parry — How Vladimir Putin Sees the World

The mainstream U.S. media has assumed the role of protecting the American people from alternative viewpoints, which is why Oliver Stone’s long-form interviews with Vladimir Putin are such a concern, reports Robert Parry.
Controlling the narrative.
There was a time when I thought that it was the responsibility of an American journalist to hear all sides of a dispute and then explain the issue as fairly as possible to the American people, so they would be armed with enough facts to make their own judgments and act as the true sovereigns in a democracy.
I realize how naïve that must sound today as American journalism has shifted to a new paradigm in which the major news outlets view it as their duty to reinforce whatever the establishment narrative is and to dismiss or discredit any inconvenient facts or alternative analyses.
Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post and the rest of the mainstream media permit only the narrowest of alternative views to be expressed or they just pile into the latest groupthink whole hog.
The US MSM is sounding like Pravda in the heyday of the USSR.

Consortium News
How Vladimir Putin Sees the World
Robert Parry

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In an interview with Oliver Stone, Russian President Putin explained his take on the Ukraine crisis, one that contrasts with what the U.S. mainstream media has allowed the American people to hear, writes Robert Parry.
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Kaivey said...
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MRW said...

kaivey. Stop the hyperbole, my friend. Trump has been saying since 2015 that he sees no reason we shouldn't be friends with Russia, and he thought he could get along with Putin. That isn't the thinking of a crazed thug. The three major intel agencies (NSA, CIA, FBI)--NOT 17--cooked up their "assessment" of collusion and vote interference 10 days before Trump took office and are trying to destroy the Prez. Google Seymour Hersh for a blistering response to the "assessment." As he said, intel agencies don't write "assessments." They write "Estimates." Hersh called their efforts sloppy and poorly done.

Kaivey said...

Hi MRW, I deleted my comment because it came out wrong. I wasn't referring to Trump, I was referring to the Right wing authoritarians who are in the hidden US government, whether they be Democrat or Republican. Thanks for pointing it out.

Kaivey said...

Trump seems to want war with Iran, which would be a tragedy. So I'm not a Trump fan, but insane Hillary was far more scary. Because Trump still wants better relations with Russia, the Intel want him out. But the liberals who hate trump so much who are running a dirty campaign to remove Trump don't know how they are helping the Intel put a crazed war mongering anti Russian maniac in charge. We're a bit safer with Trump.