Wednesday, June 14, 2017

RT — Tillerson says allies pleading with US to ‘improve Russia relations’ as Senate agrees new sanct

All of America’s allies and partners have been calling on Washington to improve its relations with Russia, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson acknowledged after the US Senate reached a bipartisan deal to boost sanctions against Moscow.

“I have yet to have a bilateral, one-on-one, a poolside conversation with a single counterpart in any country: in Europe, Middle East, even South-East Asia, that has not said to me: please, address your relationship with Russia, it has to be improved,” Tillerson said on Tuesday during testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee on Foreign Operations.
Tillerson added that the countries urging the US to review its Russian policy “believe worsening this relationship will ultimately worsen theirsituation.”
He added: “People have been imploring me to engage and try to improve the situation, so, that was our approach anyway.”
How to lose allies. 

Even vassals have interests and will be willing to act on them if they perceive it in their overall interest, especially when they are bearing the burden and the US is only the one benefitting.

US hardline policy is classic overreach. Don't be surprised if there is a reaction against US global hegemony and unipolarism in international relations.

Tillerson says allies pleading with US to ‘improve Russia relations’ as Senate agrees new sanctions


Kaivey said...

Let's hope the rest of the world brings this to an end. Everyone must be fed up with it. But are the US Intel everywhere, meddling in their affairs, causing coups, and trying to influence elections?

Bob said...

Let's hope Europe makes a break with Washington.