Thursday, June 22, 2017

The H.R.608 – Stop Arming Terrorists Act: Rep. Gabbard

Below is an interesting comment left by a reader on Guardian CiF. Rep. Gabbard tried to pass a bill to stop supporting armed jihadist militia groups, but hardly anyone in congress signed the bill. Ron Paul reintroduced the bill but with no luck.  Now why isn't this mainstream news? Just imagine if it was Russia that was sponsoring terrorists in the ME what the MSM would be saying? Sadly, people in the West can't see the bias or the propaganda.

Russia and China are going to send them Virginia farm boys back in body bags when the hot war starts and even at that point, the Guardian/NYT/Washington Post won't tell their own readers the full context.

Consider this.

Given the insidious history of the American empire and its creation and fostering of terrorist regimes across the globe, it should come as no surprise that the overwhelming majority of politicians would refuse to sign on to a law that requires them to ‘Stop Arming Terrorists.’
And, that is exactly what’s happened.

**H.R.608 – Stop Arming Terrorists Act was introduced by Rep. Gabbard, Tulsi [D-HI] on January 23 of this year. **

The bill doesn’t have any crazy strings attached and its original cosponsors are a mix of Republicans and Democrats — highlighting that it transcends party lines.

“For years, our government has been providing both direct and indirect support to these armed militant groups, who are working directly with or under the command of terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS, all in their effort and fight to overthrow the Syrian government,” Gabbard said in an interview earlier this year.

The text of the bill is simple.

It merely states that it prohibits the use of federal agency funds to provide covered assistance to: (1) Al Qaeda, Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), or any individual or group that is affiliated with, associated with, cooperating with, or adherents to such groups; or (2) the government of any country that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) determines has, within the most recent 12 months, provided covered assistance to such a group or individual.

The only thing this bill does is prohibit the US government from giving money and weapons to people who want to murder Americans and who do murder innocent men, women, and children across the globe.

It is quite possibly the simplest and most rational bill ever proposed by Congress.
Given its rational and humanitarian nature, one would think that representatives would be lining up to show their support.

However, one would be wrong.

***After nearly 5 months since its introduction, only 13 of the 535 members of Congress have signed on as co-sponsors.***

What this lack of support for the bill shows is that the federal government is addicted to funding terror and has no intention of ever stopping it.
To add insult to treason and murder, Senator Rand Paul [R-KY] introduced this same legislation in the Senate.

He currently has zero cosponsors.

Further, why Israel, Saudi Arabia, Britain and Australia(!!) think they are untouchable at this particular moment in geopolitical history is utterly bizarre. I guess when the tail wags the dog too often it loses sight of its own precarious existence which is largely dependent on the fate of the master.

Unfortunately Russia, China and Iran have put the master on notice that at this point, they are all in.
May you live in interesting times.

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