Thursday, June 1, 2017

There's an outcry in the MSM about the BBC which was said to have chosen a left wing audience for a political debate where Corbyn was on the panel. But the audience had been selected by an independent company to give a good cross representation of the British public. After years of anti Corbyn bias in the MSM it makes you laugh.

The Daily Mail headline:

Fury at bias on BBC TV debate: TV chiefs under fire over 'the most Left-wing audience ever' that jeered whenever Jeremy Corbyn was criticised.

  • BBC accused of picking 'the most Left-wing' election debate audience ever
  • Supposedly 'balanced' group jeered criticism of Jeremy Corbyn during debate

ChunkyMark interviews Steve Keen.


Unknown said...


I have a thought on why Corbyn is so disliked by the elitists - it is a simple class thing. The "New Labour" or the Conservatives in power, are primarily from OxBridge, and other elite Universities. Corbyn, just barely made it past the O-Levels. Even though, his father was a solicitor, and his siblings are well educated, this would cause the Westminster crowd to look down their noses at Corbyn.

Kaivey said...

Do you know, be has become quite a good debater now. When he was a new leader he looked bit uncomfortable, but now he's got the hang of it and looks quite confident. The public like strong leaders and Corbyn's looking good.

Penguin pop said...

J.K. Rowling, as we all know as the author of the Harry Potter books, has an intense hatred for Corbyn I never understood. When I tried to research the issue more, a lot of those faux lefties were pissed at him for stupid stuff he said and his stance on nuclear weapons. I still don't quite get why there's so much hatred from them for this guy.

Kaivey said...

Nor me. And we don't need Trident.

Bob said...

JK Rowling may have a billion reasons to hate Corbyn ;)