Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Zero Hedge — Report: Russia Hacked 39 States During Election; Zero Evidence Provided

More "anonymous sources say..."


Dan Lynch said...

Even if true, it says as much about the flaws in our system as it does about Russia or Trump:

-- if Russia can hack our election system, so can other countries, or individuals. Why aren't we talking about that?

-- most of these hacks seem to involve exploiting Windoze vulnerabilities. Why is our government running a highly flawed for-profit operating system rather the more secure open source Linux? Why aren't we talking about that?

-- you can't hack paper ballots. Why aren't talking about that?

If we switched to publicly counted paper ballots and Linux operating systems, that would address most of our vulnerablities and probably save a bunch of money in the process. It seems the NeoMcCarthyites are more interested in stirring up fear and hate than in finding constructive solutions.

Kaivey said...

Millions of kids around the world are amateur hackers. They love the challenge.

Noah Way said...

Amazing spin. Sessions debunks Russian hack and is accused of willful ignorance. Exactly how stupid does these idiots think we are?

Meanwhile it's open season on the GOP: House Whip Steve Scalise shot


Dan Lynch said...

@Noah, if you believe that Republicans are Russian agents and/or fascists then it's your civic duty to "resist" them including the use of violence. I mean, you'd kill Hitler if you had the chance, wouldn't you?

This is a sad situation. Both parties have used demagoguery to stir up their base. We need to get back to finding constructive solutions instead of mean spirited witch hunts.

Tom Hickey said...

This is the result of putting party before country, and instead of compromise, using every tactic however dirty to push the party agenda and block the opposition.

It's the perversion of democracy that many political thinkers cautioned about.

See George Washington on party factionalism, for instance.

Partisanship would lead to the “ruins of public liberty,” our first president said. He was more right than he knew.

Politico (January 10, 2017)
George Washington’s Farewell Warning
John Avlon

Noah Way said...

The inevitable result of attacks on politicians will be personal security details at taxpayer expense. The unraveling will be blamed on Trump instead of the corrupt system.

Dan Lynch said...

FYI the baseball shooter was a Bernie bro. He recently posted on his FB page "Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It's Time to Destroy Trump & Co."

And there you have it.

Noah Way said...

@Dan - How much of his motivation came from hysterical media propaganda of Trump as a Russian stooge? How much from the effects of declining standard of living / health care / inequality / etc.?

Doesn't matter, just blame it on Bernie. Protect the system at all costs.

Dan Lynch said...

@Noah, I blame the partisan rhetoric 100%.

We were warned last year: Ian Welsh: you can't scream fascist without consequences

"To most Americans fascist = holocaust, Hitler, and World War II. To be a fascist is to be the worst thing possible. ... They must be stopped, and our culture believes violence is justified in stopping fascists. That is the logic of the rhetoric."
"Those on the Left seem to not understand just how much damage the Left has done by using the “fascist and Russia” rhetoric to demonize Trump and his supporters."