Friday, October 6, 2017

Christian Robitaille — Why Libertarians And Traditionalists Are Natural Allies

Interesting article that argues for an alliance based on the similarity of right libertarianism aka Libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism with traditionalism.

This quote is central to the argument:
Libertarian societies, then, must be hierarchised. Not around democratic or autocratic criteria of course, but on a strictly voluntary basis—i.e., the ungifted, unintelligent, and weak will tend to accept the authority of the gifted, intelligent, and strong because it will often (if not always) be in their interest to do so in order to be employed, to rent an apartment, to live in a safe community, and so forth. Rebels and moral relativists will thus be generally marginalised, ostracised, or not tolerated at all if they pose any threat to the fundamental values on which the libertarian community is based.
In other words, building a sustainable egalitarian or relativistic libertarian society is impossible because individuals are unequal and need to share similar fundamental values in order to interact peacefully and associate with one another.

This alliance would work in the case of Libertarianism and Protestantism, since Protestantism spawned liberalism. This political alliance seems to work in the US, and often it is not a alliance but an overlap. 

I would not look for such an alliance with most expressions of traditionalism, however. Indeed, many traditionalists reject Protestantism as qualifying as a form of traditionalism at all, viewing it as a type of liberalism.

Why Libertarians And Traditionalists Are Natural Allies
Christian Robitaille
Original in French

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